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O'Dork's Nonogon Adventure
Apulgrimage to Pete Kennedy from Luke Walker on Vimeo      
O'Dork's Nonogon Adventure
The 1.54 mins video pans across two images in O’Dork’s Nonogon Adventure (also in Visions of O’Dork) showing the intricate drawing, colour and inventiveness in many of the images in the book(s). The story/images could be a storyboard for a movie. Luke Walker’s use of the camera panning over two images plus the beautiful soundscape he has added by manipulating a track originally written for the character called ‘Squidgeratkin’ by Mark Newby Robson give insight into some of the mystery which the book(s) deal with.

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Under Glass
The Youtube film for this book introduces the author, John Whitenight, who explains the beauty of these Victorian showcases. Come join an in depth exploration of a unique segment of the Victorian decorative arts. In 650 beautiful images and fascinating text, many glass domes and the objects displayed under them are revealed and discussed in detail. Items from glorious taxidermy presentations of nature, seashell works, wax flowers and fruit, and even art formed of human hair are studied carefully. Additional chapters include examples of skeleton leaves and phantom bouquets; wool work; glass whimsies; seed, paper, muslin, and silk work; automatamechanical, musical masterworks and much more. Social commentary of the times enriches the exploration of these beautiful art objects. Experience the lightheartedness and whimsy to be found in the decorative arts created from 1837 to 1901 and preserved under these domes.
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Signs of Lancaster County
The Youtube trailer for this books illustrates scenes from Amish country, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The book captures a glimpse of Amish Country through 240 color photographs of unique signs in their natural settings. The signs and graphics of official markers, one-room schoolhouses, roadside stands, cottage industries, local trades, and many more tell the story of this special place. Zero in on the signage of one farm or one road, as well as the seasonal delights of summer and fall. See the many ways the area supports horses and the transportation and agriculture that rely on them. Join the photographer on a scenic adventure through back roads, expansive farmland, and quaint villages, with informative and entertaining anecdotes along the way. You'll discover new details every time you page through this extraordinary picture book. It's a tour of Amish country like none other. For armchair tourists, sign buffs, and photography fans alike.
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Street Art Santiago Chile
The Youtube film about this book shows an array of images of street art from Santiago, which bursts at the seams with an abundance of eye-popping, jaw-dropping murals. Stencil graffiti artist Lord K2 documents 14 neighborhoods within the capital of Chile with his arresting photography and intimate conversations with local artists. Through more than 200 images and 80 interviews, learn how street art was influenced by American, European, and Brazilian graffiti and how its evolution runs parallel to the political history of the nation itself. During the Cold War, nationalist muralist brigades spread socialist idealism through symbols of power and oppression. Santiago's repressed lower classes gradually usurped the art form, and murals eventually became a weapon of resistance. This vibrant city, with its array of distinct cultural districts, invites you to experience its fascinating and tightly knit artistic community that has flourished since the fall of Pinochet's dictatorship in 1990.
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Four Little Witches
The Youtube trailer for this book shows you why children will love it! Friends forever in work or play, four tiny elemental witches - Fiona, Gale, Marrie, and Blaze - help the Earth thrive using their own special powers for nurturing the planet. But when disaster strikes, they must come together to protect the Earth, helping to heal its hurts and to keep it alive. The child in all of us can enjoy this playful way to learn about the elements—earth, air, water, and fire—and how they help us, for without the elements, we would not exist. For ages 0-6.
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The Gray Curtain
Watch the Youtube trailer for this book and see how the book Gray Curtain will help you discover, through informative text and 120 vivid images, the interrelationships between commercial fishing, expanding gray seal populations, and great white sharks along the beaches of Cape Cod and the northeast coast. This ‘Gray Curtain’ has come about as a result of geologic and environmental changes, as well as animal migrations and population increases that have impacted the area. There are great transformations taking place in the region, and both fishermen and scientists have played a role in these dynamic coastal changes, though they don't always agree on why the changes have occurred. In the minds of many commercial fishermen, the return of the now-protected gray seal has played a major part, causing a new charismatic, apex predator to enter the picture: the Great White Shark. This enlightening book brings together the main factors that have created the phenomenon of The Gray Curtain.
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Pumpkin Cinema
Here's a link to a Youtube trailer for Pumpkin Cinema! People celebrate the magical holiday of Halloween in a wide variety of ways, but most will, at some point, turn off the lights and allow a movie to take the excitement to the next level. This book recommends over 100 titles that are guaranteed to make your Halloween fun and frightening! Halloween only comes once a year, so you can't afford to waste precious thrill time on a lousy movie! However, a great horror movie does not necessarily translate into a great Halloween flick, and the book uses a simple set of guidelines to help you avoid the "boo!" blues: the films included here are fast paced, have essences of autumn (if they are not set on Halloween itself!), and have a trim run time (under two hours). Enjoy this fun trailer!
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