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Title: Conversations with Nell
Sub-title: The Discerning World of a Wise and Witty Labrador
By (author): Sara Martin
ISBN10-13: 0764359290 : 9780764359293
Illustrations: 65 colour illus
Format: Hardback
Size: 185x210mm
Pages: 208
Weight: .858 Kg.
Published: Schiffer - April   2020
List Price: 19.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 232
Subjects: Humour
Escape to the wonderful world of Labrador Nell through her conversations with owner Sara. In between special times with the family, Nell faces kidnappings, haunted hotels, shy flamingos and singing corgis as well as meeting handsome German Shepherd Charlie, the love of her life. Nell lives in a cottage near the sea in beautiful Devon, England with Sara and Kev and four other dogs. Elderly Patterdale Mutley, a retired entrepreneur owning chains such as Pizza Mutt and Walbarks. Feisty little Maltese cross Poppy, a talented chef who carries a sword and is famous for her scones. Dave, a gentle giant black Lab who loves surfing, singing and sausages and his twin sister Harriet, a delicate little chocolate lab who is always there to pick up the pieces. But what about The Cat? Is Charlie really a spy? How come Nell is always right? Why is Pomeranian Gladys sleeping in Nell’s handbag? Come in and find out. You won’t want to leave.
About The Author:
Whether as a radio presenter, subtitler, teacher, voiceover artist, mother, or author, words have always been a part of Sara’s life. Talking to her animals comes naturally to her, only now we can listen too.
"I was just captivated by this charming and delightful book from the first turn of the page - Totally hooked! Beautifully designed - the quality of the writing, art work and photos are second to none!Sara has woven together a beautiful and joyous series of conversations with her "witty and wise Labrador,” Nell, (who never fails to keep her owner in check!). Through their humorous and touching conversations we learn about the rest of their family, both canine and human (and other species in between). I grew particularly fond of "Malcolm- "the short sighted” flamingo" and "Timothy the Turkey" who takes refuge with the family to avoid a good Christmas basting! Oh and talking of food there is the odd delicious recipe thrown in gifted by champion canine cook, Poppy, the Yorkshire terrier!I would love Nell to visit “Ambridge" and strike up a friendship with “Lilian’s" pooch “Ruby”.A real coffee table book! Great gift!Whether or not you are an animal lover this book will "warm the cockles of your heart” and leave you wanting more! A book to relish!" Sunny Ormonde (Lilian Bellamy from Radio 4’s The Archers)
A wonderfully lighthearted and humorous tome. 'Conversations With Nell' gives the reader an inside look at the loving and witty communication between Nell (a black Labrador retriever) and her best friend, Sara Martin (a 'hopelessly romantic' author). We are introduced to a cast of characters that we grow to love throughout the book. The conversations cover varying topics and intrigue, all with a sense of humor. We discover Nell has great wisdom. Simply put, 'Conversations With Nell' is a GREAT read, at any time, but especially during this time of pandemic, quarantine, and national unrest! I highly recommend this book! - Sara Marinaccio, Amazon.com
"If you are looking for a gift, or just a lovely book to dip in and out of then this is a book for you. As well as perfect for all Labrador owners it is also perfect for all animal owners – as after all most animal owners talk to their pets!​" - IntouchRugby

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