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Title: Utilitarianism
Sub-title: and the 1868 Speech on Capital Punishment
Series: Hackett Classics
By (author): John Stuart Mill Edited by: George Sher
ISBN10-13: 087220605X : 9780872206052
Format: Paperback
Size: 215.9x139.7mm
Pages: 88
Weight: .084 Kg.
Published: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc (US) - June   2002
List Price: 6.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 109
Subjects: Western philosophy, from c 1900 - : Ethics & moral philosophy : Social & political philosophy : Political science & theory
This expanded edition of John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism includes the text of his 1868 speech to the British House of Commons defending the use of capital punishment in cases of aggravated murder. The speech is significant both because its topic remains timely and because its arguments illustrate the applicability of the principle of utility to questions of large-scale social policy.
Adding the selections from the Speech on Capital Punishment is an excellent idea. --Mark Migotti, University of Calgary
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