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Title: The Ra Material
Sub-title: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (Book One)
By (author): Rueckert Elkins
ISBN10-13: 089865260X : 9780898652604
Illustrations: illustrated
Format: Paperback
Size: 234x139mm
Pages: 240
Weight: .340 Kg.
Published: Whitford Press (US) - January   1997
List Price: 14.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 28
Subjects: Spiritualism : Mind, Body, Spirit
Who are the ancient astronauts? Why did they first come to Earth? Why are they returning now? What part did they play in building the great monuments of antiquity? What part did they play in the formation of present and earlier civilizations? With what other beings do we share our universe? And where does the Earth fit into the cosmic scheme of things? Almost twenty years of experimental work with telepathy led to the "breakthrough" contact recorded in this book. The Ra Material is an account not only of the events leading up to this contact, but of over 200 pages of verbatim transcripts of each and every conversation!
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