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Title: The Buddha in Your Mirror
Sub-title: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self
By (author): Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, Ted Morino
ISBN10-13: 0967469783 : 9780967469782
Format: Paperback
Size: 215.9x139.7mm
Pages: 248
Weight: .340 Kg.
Published: Middleway Press (US) - October   2001
List Price: 14.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 32
Subjects: Buddhism : Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
While the notion that "happiness can found within oneself" has recently become popular, Buddhism has taught for thousands of years that every person is a Buddha, or enlightened being, and has the potential for true and lasting happiness. Through real-life examples, the authors explain how adopting this outlook has positive effects on one's health, relationships, and career, and gives new insights into world environmental concerns, peace issues, and other major social problems.
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