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Title: “Waste-to-Profit” (W-t-P)
Sub-title: Value added Products to Generate Wealth for a Sustainable Economy. Volume 1
Series: (Environmental Remediation Technologies, Regulations and Safety)
Edited by: Linda Zikhona Linganiso
ISBN10-13: 1536132357 : 9781536132359
Format: Hardback
Size: 254x178mm
Pages: 319
Weight: .782 Kg.
Published: Nova Science Publishers, Inc (US) - February   2018
List Price: 243.99 Pounds Sterling
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Subjects: The environment
The fastest and unquestionable route to losing clients and the market share is to stop innovating. Pondering on strategies to take over market control, you will surely discover your formula going in, while failure will be sure to follow if you celebrate your successes for a long time without any novelty. Why not generate wealth from different waste streams available when it is possible to develop a business system for a sustainable industry? Innovative business empires will not only help you generate sustainable profit, but will skyrocket your name above all well-known entrepreneurs who have peculiar abilities to handle high impact projects in communities while protecting the environment at the same time. This book is designed to help venture capitalists know where to invest their money for maximum returns. Aside from this, entrepreneurs will find it useful as it guides readers to understand where investments should go based on the current status of bio-projects in South Africa and selected countries. The key drivers for Waste-to-Profit activities include raising environmental awareness, policies and regulations in places throughout selected countries including South Africa. This book highlights the current policies and regulations to fast track the development of new technologies for bio-projects in these countries; opportunities, barriers and policy implications are discussed extensively. Why not also help the academics, researchers and students translate research and development findings into something of value (perhaps, a product)? The days of basic research alone are gone. The time is nigh – if not already here – to learn to translate research and development findings into something of value, to generate revenues which are essential for economic development. Not only would this help the intellectuals develop new technologies/products to generate profit, but it will assertively assist the world to transition towards a knowledge economy, an economy where knowledge is the main engine for economic development. This book will identify gaps in the waste beneficiation projects value chain, to avoid performing research which is thirty years behind. Recent research and development on waste beneficiation is given extensively for the purpose of identifying the gaps and fast tracking R&D in South Africa as well as other selected countries, in order to develop a business system that will afford these countries a sustainable economy. Municipalities in different countries will learn to develop a strategy to add value to their different waste streams through value added products such as Biofuels, Bioplastics and Biobricks, to mention a few.
Table of Contents:
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About The Author:
Linda Zikhona Linganiso is Senior Lecturer, University of Zululand, KwaDlangezwa, KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa
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