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Title: "Waste-to-Profit" (W-t-P)
Sub-title: Circular Economy in the Construction Industry for a Sustainable Future -- Volume 2
Series: (Construction Materials and Engineering Series)
Edited by: Linda Zikhona Linganiso, Tshwafo E. Motaung
ISBN10-13: 1536149950 : 9781536149951
Format: Hardback
Pages: 356
Weight: .794 Kg.
Published: Nova Science Publishers, Inc - June   2019
List Price: 211.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 5
Subjects: Building construction & materials
The concept of a circular economy in the construction sector captures global material flow through product design, inverse logistics, innovation and collaborations. The circulation of the economy takes into consideration global population influence, which affects the economy through a variety of construction product flows in particular. The increase in consumers means increasing product and services which participate in different waste streams. The emerging sustainable development in the construction industry requires the recycling of waste materials to reduce the negative environmental impact of construction activities. Accumulation and management of construction wastes is also becoming a major environmental and economical concern in many developing countries. Huge volumes of waste generated end up piled on landfill sites or illegally dumped, posing serious health and ecological problems. In the construction industry, recycling of waste concrete, masonry, cement, gypsum, to mention but a few, has become an important aspect due to the continued increase of construction wastes and depletion of natural aggregates. Why not establish a business system that is specifically designed to do much more value addition to the construction wastes and develop products which are not only in demand locally but internationally, to encourage exports for maximum financial gain. This book aims to analyze the current business model in the construction sector and the current legislation concerning waste management. It also highlights efforts required in order to refine the recycling methods in favor of a circular economy in the constuction industry. In support of a transition to a low carbon economy, different types of materials which can be produced from the construction wastes are indicated including processes which are used to obtain the final products. The market demand including penetration of the resulting products are given extensively. Policies and regulations to govern these undertakings are highlighted also. The municipalities will learn to redirect the local construction industries on how to avoid dumping at landfill sites as the space has currently become an issue. Researchers globally will learn how to go up through the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) from basic research through prototype development and finally up to commercialization in projects related to the construction.
Table of Contents:
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About The Author:
Linda Zikhona Linganiso is Senior Lecturer, University of Zululand, KwaDlangezwa, KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of Zululand, KwaDlangezwa, South Africa
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