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Title: The Wanderer's Havamal
Translated by: Jackson Crawford
ISBN10-13: 1624668356 : 9781624668357
Format: Paperback
Size: 1x1mm
Pages: 216
Weight: .206 Kg.
Published: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc (US) - November   2019
List Price: 10.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 78
Subjects: Poetry : Norse religion & mythology
The Wanderer's Hāvamāl features Jackson Crawford's complete, carefully revised English translation of the Old Norse poem Hāvamāl , newly annotated for this volume, together with facing original Old Norse text sourced directly from the Codex Regius manuscript. Rounding out the volume are Crawford's classic Cowboy Hāvamāl and translations of other related texts central to understanding the character, wisdom, and mysteries of ķđinn (Odin). Portable and reader-friendly, it makes an ideal companion for both lovers of Old Norse mythology and those new to the wisdom of this central Eddic poem wherever they may find themselves.
About The Author:
Jackson Crawford earned his Ph.D. in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Georgia. He is currently Instructor of Nordic Studies and Coordinator of the Nordic Program, University of Colorado Boulder.
" Hāvamāl , 'Words of the High One'—purportedly delivering the wisdom of Odin in his own voice—is one of the most important mythological poems of the Poetic Edd a and simply the most important witness to early Norse cultural ethics. Jackson Crawford has now given us a clean text and a new facing-page translation in contemporary idiom. A highly trained linguist, Crawford has already published with Hackett a complete translation of the whole of the famous ancient anthology, the Poetic Edda , and acquired many fans for his YouTube videos teaching Old Norse. Crawford is a poet in his own right with a recognizably Western voice. A scholarly commentary on the whole poem is an accomplishment made palatable for the general reader by Crawford's informal style. All in all, a fresh start on the mysteries of this classic." —Joseph Harris, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English Literature and Professor of Folklore, Emeritus, Harvard University
"Jackson Crawford offers his readers an excellent entry into the world of Hāvamāl , where the high-god ķđinn from the Old Norse Pantheon mediates some age-old wisdom to his audience. Crawford provides a clear translation that points directly into the original text itself, while his extensive commentary emphasizes its nuances and ambiguity, strips away popular notions of paganism, and draws attention instead to the poem's universal down-to-earth attitude. The humorous and entertaining cowboy-version that Crawford offers at the end serves as a tribute to the wisdom of his own grandfather, a fitting epilogue that updates this ancient poem which the Christian people of Iceland assembled from oral tradition into a book in the thirteenth century." —Gísli Sigurđsson, Research Professor and Head of the Folklore Department, ārni Magnússon Institute, University of Iceland
"Jackson Crawford's new translation of Hāvamāl is a valuable addition to the rich textual history of this poem. Infused not only by his learning and understanding of the medieval language and culture but also by his own poetic creativity, this is a translation that is likely to bring Hāvamāl to a new audience. Of no less value is his more freely translated Cowboy Hāvamāl , which, even more than most translations, brings the vitality and poetic strength of this text to the fore." —ārmann Jakobsson, Professor of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Iceland
"A delightful and thought-provoking new edition of the poem, one which brings Hāvamāl out of the purely academic or unusual ideological camps into which it has often fallen and re-instils it with the largely practical and human interest it must have had for its audience. Crawford's scholarly expertise shines through every aspect of this book, and this he combines with understanding of how a wider audience is engaging with Old Norse myth and legend, a situational awareness which is often not found in academic writing but which is so vital for our times." —Matthew Coker, in The Medieval Review
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