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Title: Transgender Body Politics
By (author): Heather Brunskell-Evans
ISBN10-13: 1925950220 : 9781925950229
Format: Paperback
Size: 180x135mm
Pages: 130
Weight: .218 Kg.
Published: Spinifex Press - September   2020
List Price: 12.95 Pounds Sterling
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Subjects: Gender studies: transsexuals & hermaphroditism
Transgenderism in the twenty-first century is patriarchy emblazoned in imperial form. At a time when supposedly enlightened attitudes are championed by the mainstream, philosopher and activist Heather Brunskell-Evans shows how, in plain view under the guise of liberalism, a regressive men’s rights movement is posing a massive threat to the human rights of women and children everywhere. This movement is transgender politics which, while spouting platitudes about equality, is in reality colonising and erasing the bodies, agency and autonomy of women and children, while asserting men’s rights to bodily intrusion into every social and personal space. The transgender agenda redefines diversity and inclusion utilising the language of victimhood. In a complete reversal of feminist gender critical analyses, sex and gender are redefined: identity is now called ‘innate’ (a ‘feeling’ located somewhere in the body) and biological sex is said to be socially constructed (and hence changeable). This ensures a lifetime of drug dependency for transitioners, thereby delivering vast profits for Big Pharma in a capitalist dream. Everyone, including every trans person, has the right to live freely without discrimination. But the transgender movement has been hijacked by misogynists who are appropriating and inverting the struggles of feminism to deliver an agenda devoid of feminist principles. In a chilling twist, when feminists critique the patriarchal status quo it is now they who are alleged to be extremists for not allowing men’s interests to control the political narrative. Institutions whose purpose is to defend human rights now interpret truth speech as hate speech, and endorse the no-platforming of women as ethical. This brave, truthful and eye-opening book does not shirk from the challenge of meeting the politics of liberalism and transgender rights head on. Everyone who cares about the future of women’s and children’s rights must read it. The micro-politics and the macro-politics of identity interact to form one of the most misogynistic expressions of patriarchy in recent times under the guise of equality, diversity and inclusion.
Table of Contents:
CONTENTS. Prologue. My raised consciousness. Chapter One: Women's Bodies, 1.1 What Is a Woman? Women with penises: Queer Theory Transwomen are women: Get over it Affirmative psychology: A man is a woman if he says he is. 1.2 Shaming Gender Critical Feminists Intersectional feminism. 1.3 A Woman Is an Adult Human Female, Women’s bodies and binary sex, Pregnancy and reproduction, Pregnant men, Reclaiming biology, Gender neutrality, Lesbians: Same-sex attraction or 'lesbians' with penises? Lesbians are adult human females, Patriarchy. Chapter Two: Girls’ Bodies: 2.1 The ‘Transboy’. Trans affirmative psychotherapy. A girl is a boy if she says she is. The ‘transboy’ and ‘his’ body: Hormone therapy. The ‘transboy’s’ ‘existential choice’ to use hormone treatment. 2.2 A Girl Is a Young Human Female. Sex/Gender. Clinical psychology. Muzzling dissent. 2.3 The Sacrificial ‘Transboy’. Child consent to medical treatment. The iatrogenic ‘transboy’. The body. Detransitioners: Kiera Bell. Chapter Three: The Male Body Politic: 3.1 Queering the Law and Social Policy. The Gender Recognition Act 2004. ‘Feminist’ politicians speak with one voice. The erosion of single-sex spaces. A Woman’s Place is standing her ground. 3.2 The Trans Human Rights Paradigm. Women’s prisons. The case of Karen White. The authoritarian Left: The case of the Labour Party. Intersectional feminism revisited. Chapter Four: The Naked Emperor: 4.1 Sex Matters. Diversity and exclusion. 4.2 The Butlerian Jihad. 4.3 The Transgender Empire. ‘The Gender Industrial Complex’. Big business dressed in civil rights clothes. Reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). Conclusion. Epilogue. References. Acknowledgements
About The Author:
Heather Brunskell-Evans is a social theorist and philosopher who specialises in ethics, medicine, sex and gender. Having been an academic for nearly three decades, she is now also working on national and international political agendas driving the rights of women and girls. She is: A Spokeswoman for FiLiA, a feminist charity; A Member of Management Committee for OBJECT a campaigning organisation, where she also contributes to research on surrogacy; and Co-author of Declaration on Women's Sex Based Rights. You can read more of her writing at www.heather-brunskell-evans.co.uk.
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