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Title: 75 Principles of Conscious Leadership: CD
Sub-title: Inspired Skills for 21st Century Business
By (author): Michael Schantz M.A. M.B.A. M.A. M.B.A.
ISBN10-13: 1934759236 : 9781934759233
Format: CD-Audio
Size: 187.96x134.62mm
Weight: .136 Kg.
Published: Robert D. Reed Publishers (US) - February   2009
List Price: 28.99 Pounds Sterling (Excluding VAT)
List Price inc VAT: 34.79 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 4
Subjects: Business & management : Management & management techniques : Management: leadership & motivation
This 4 CD set (from a book of same name) came as Schantz's response to a deep calling to create one volume that contained the best of the principles, practices and conscious skills for the leaders of the 21st Century organization. Schantz distilled the learning from his coaching, mastermind, studies in leadership, spirituality and psychology, plus many years of professional management experience and observation. [i]75 Principles of Conscious Leadership[/i] is a compendium of the conscious skills of leadership, human communication, human motivation and mentoring. It is designed to be listened to repeatedly, featuring time-honored disciplines of effective communication and spiritual consciousness, foundational to leadership as a life's practice. Woven through all of the principles are the qualities of compassion, service, and contribution. As the audio book portrays, the principles and practices of leadership comprise a discipline, a lifelong experience learned through continual refinement. Mastering effective leadership requires commitment, as all transformation starts from within. They are available to anyone who embraces them into their professional lives and relationships.
About The Author:
Michael Schantz has spent the past 25 years working within the financial services industry for major Fortune 500 companies. He obtained his M.B.A. from The American University and earned his Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2006. Michael continues to work in financial services and is a life and executive coach in LA.
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