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Title: Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain
By (author): Sandra LeFort MN, PhD, Lisa Webster RN, Dr Kate Lorig DrPH, Halsted Holman MD, David Sobel MD, Diana Laurent MPH, Virginia Gonzalez MA, Marian Minor PT, PhD
ISBN10-13: 1936693771 : 9781936693771
Format: Paperback
Size: 280x210mm
Pages: 360
Weight: .892 Kg.
Published: Bull Publishing Co. (US) - December   2016
List Price: 24.95 Pounds Sterling
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Subjects: Pain & pain management : Popular medicine & health
Book & CD. Chronic pain includes many types of conditions from a variety of causes. Despite these differences, all readers of this book have one very important thing in common -- you are living with pain every day. To help you discover strategies and skills that will make a difference, this book emphasises four concepts: Each person with chronic pain is unique. There is no one treatment or approach that is right for everybody; There are a number of things you can do to feel better. These things will not eliminate pain, but they will help you to better manage pain, and help you to become more active and more involved in life. With knowledge and experimentation, you are the best judge of which self-management tools and techniques are best for you. The responsibility for managing your chronic pain day-to-day rests with you, not anybody else. Many people can be of help to you -- your family and friends, your health care team. But, in the end, the responsibility for self-management is yours. Acknowledging that overcoming chronic pain is a daily challenge, this book provides you with the self-management tools to help you meet that challenge. Includes a Moving Easy Program CD, a set of easy-to-follow exercises that can be performed at home.
Table of Contents:
Overview of Self-Management & Pain; Becoming an Active Self-Manager; Finding Resources; Understanding & Managing Common Symptoms & Problems; Using Your Mind to Manage Pain Symptoms; Pacing: Balancing Activity & Rest; Exercise & Physical Activity for Every Body; Exercising for Flexibility, Strength, & Balance; Exercising for Endurance & Fitness: Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity; Communicating with Family & Friends; Communicating with Your Health Care Professionals; Sex & Intimacy; Healthy Eating; Healthy Weight Management; Managing Your Medicines; Medicines & Treatments for Chronic Pain; Making Treatment Decisions; Managing Specific Chronic Pain Conditions; Managing Angina Pain, Coronary Artery Disease, & Related Conditions; Planning for the Future: Fears & Reality.; Appendix: Helpful Hints for Everyday Living; Index.
About The Author:
Sandra LeFort, MN, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada where she teaches and continues to do research in pain.
Lisa Webster, RN, is the clinical manager of Pain Management Centre at Hamilton General Hospital.
Kate Lorig, DrPH, is director and professor emerita at Stanford University School of Medicine's Patient Education Research Center.
Halsted Holman, MD, is professor emeritus at Stanford University School of Medicine.
David T. Sobel, M. Ed., author of Wild Play: Parenting Adventures in the Great Outdoors (Green Writers Press, 2018), is senior faculty in the Education Department of Antioch New England University in Keene, New Hampshire. He consults and speaks widely on environmental education and child development and is the author of seven other books, including Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens: The Handbook for Outdoor Learning, Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators, Place-based Education: Connecting Classrooms and Communities, and Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education. He has also written many articles about children and nature that have appeared in Orion, Encounter, Sierra, Sanctuary, Wondertime, Green Teacher, and other publications. He has served on the editorial boards of Encounter, Orion, and Community Works Journal, for which he writes a regular column. Sobel was identified as one of the &
Diana Laurent, MPH, is a health educator and trainer at Stanford Patient Education Research Center.
Virginia Gonzalez, MPH, is a health educator and study coordinator at Stanford University School of Medicine's Patient Education Research Centre.
Marian Minor, PT, PhD, is professor emerita at the University of Missouri, Department of Physical Therapy.
“A much-needed clear and comprehensive resource to gain a better understanding of chronic pain and how self-management helps address and improve the physical and emotional experience.” -- Patrick McGowan, PhD, University of Victoria
"Living with chronic pain is extremely difficult. This book encourages those living with chronic pain to choose to live a happy and satisfying life in spite of their struggles, and it provides a roadmap to achieve this goal!" -- Barbara Zarnikow, Board Co-Chair, Interstitial Cystitis Association
"I highly recommend this succinct, readable and extremely useful and informative book for clinicians and people with chronic pain. Of the many books on this topic, this one uniquely provides useful information for the reader to better manage chronic pain." — Steven D. Feinberg, MD, Feinberg Medical Group, past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine
"I see it as not only a teaching tool, but a life-long resource for those with chronic pain.” — Sherri King, Coordinator, nutrition and wellness programs, Services to the Aging
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