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Title: Possessed by Ghosts
Sub-title: Exorcisms in the 21st Century
By (author): Wanda Pratnicka
ISBN10-13: 8360280681 : 9788360280683
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 352
Weight: .428 Kg.
Published: Centrum Publishers (PL) - July   2004
List Price: 19.90 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 110
Subjects: Ghosts & poltergeists
The book is aimed at all readers not just those who are interested in the esoteric. It introduces accessibly and surprisingly clearly the causes of the toxic relationships that arise between people and ghosts. It contains a large dose of psychology of the soul, testimony to the author's spiritual maturity. Ghosts are the souls of people who, after the death of their physical body, have not resolved to pass through to the other side of death's curtain. The reason for that is that, for various reasons, they overlooked their own deaths, didn't have the courage to go through to the other side or were detained or even pulled away from their road by those mourning the souls of their near ones. When they remain in the world of the living they possess people which can be the cause of very unpleasant and sometimes even tragic experiences. Starting with the mildest -- the presence of ghosts in a person causes severe mood swings ranging from powerful explosions of negative energy to deep depressions. They bring out severe states of anxiety, they tempt those possessed to commit suicide, they have a powerful influence on the psyche and are the cause of psychiatric illnesses. In addition, the diseases of the dead person very often transfer through the ghost to the person possessed. Wanda Pratnicka is an exorcist and psychotherapist of world renown. Over the past thirty years she has helped many thousands of patients throughout the world.
Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements; Foreword; Introduction; About Me; The Illusion of Death; The Soul's Decision; Death and then what; Why do souls stay behind?; When souls stay behind; The Moment a Person Dies; How it influences us?; The death of a loved one; Rapes; Homosexuality: healing wounds; When a mother dies; Diseases: cancer, tumors, hypochondriac, long-lasting diseases , epilepsy, allergies, asthma, Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, pains, anorexia, excessive weight loss, bulimia, excessive weight gain; Psychiatric illnesses: schizophrenia, mood swings, autism; Problems with our children; Phobias, obsessions, fears; Suicides and murders; Summoning ghosts; Addictions: Alcoholism and others; A word about business; Haunted houses; Other activities of ghosts; Thefts; Jealousy; How to help them, how to help yourself; Exorcisms; Conclusion; Help
About The Author:
Wanda Pratnicka is a psychologist M.A., parapsychologist, psychic, spiritual teacher and exorcist. During her 45 years of practice she has helped tens of thousands of people around the world. Her first book “Possessed by Ghosts – Exorcisms in XXI century” became a bestseller in Poland shortly after publication of its first edition. The book was translated to English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and currently other translations are being prepared. Wanda Pratnicka's next literary work In the “Wheel of Life” consists of four volumes and around 2,000 pages. Her books are aimed to all readers, not just those who are interested in the esoteric arts. These books present, in an accessible and surprisingly clear way, the universal laws of the Universe, a soul's psychology, deep matters in regards to true human origin and the causes of toxic associations that arise between people and ghosts. Wanda Pratnicka's newest book is “Know the Truth and Be Free” which cures such problems as fear of death/life or traumatic experiences that result from loved ones' loss/death."
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