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    Title: Alphabet of Vietnam
    By (author): Jonathan Chamberlain
    ISBN10-13: 988190028X : 9789881900289
    When Joe dies, his brother Jack thinks it's an accident . . . until the parcel arrives with Joe's diaries and notebooks, and the map of the cabin high up in the Appalachians where Joe's war buddy, Wash, is hiding out with a girl he's kidnapped -- just the latest in a long line of girls. Joe has one last favour to ask of his brother. He wants Jack to rescue the girl and -- if he has to -- kill Wash too. So starts a complex and intense tale that involves a journey back to Vietnam and into the dark past: a past where Clausewitz, the philosopher of war, meets de Sade, the philosopher of man's own individual evil. But there are too the incendiary eyes of innocent judgement. And there is love -- and love is complicated.
    About The Author:
    Jonathan Chamberlain was brought up in Ireland and Hong Kong. After graduating in Social Anthropology at Sussex University, he returned to Hong Kong where he lived for many years as a teacher and writer.
    Pages: 296  Size: 130x200mm 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - June   2011
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
    List Price: 8.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2
    Title: 1 of: 83
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    Title: Apologies Forthcoming
    Sub-title: Stories Not About Mao
    By (author): Xujun Eberlein
    ISBN10-13: 9881774284 : 9789881774286
    Winner of the third annual Tartt Fiction Award. It was some decade. The universities were closed. Students were at war. Poetry was banned. And the word "love", unless applied to Mao, was expressly forbidden. Artists were denounced, and many opted for suicide. This is the time -- its madness, its passion, its complexity -- that Xujun Eberlein brings vividly to life in Apologies Forthcoming, her moving collection of short stories about the millions who lived during China's Cultural Revolution. An award-winning writer who now lives in Massachusetts, Eberlein has nothing to apologise for. Her stories are electrifying. About half of the stories take place during the years of the Cultural Revolution; the other half in its aftermath. How many come from personal experience is hard to say. Eberlein, who lived through the Cultural Revolution's decade as a child and teenager, had a sister who died as a Red Guard, and that event seems fictionalised in one of the stories. Apologies Forthcoming shines a revealing light on some of the people whose lives were changed forever by the ten years that turned China upside down. Eberlein does the great service of illuminating the interior lives of a peculiar generation, many of whom are now leading China's phenomenal awakening.
    Table of Contents:
    Men Don't Apologize; Snow Line; Pivot Point; Feathers; Watch the Thrill; Disciple of the Masses; Randomness of Love; Second Encounter.
    About The Author:
    Xujun Eberlein grew up in Chongqing, China, and moved to the United States in the summer of 1988. After receiving a Ph.D. from MIT in the spring of 1995, and winning an award for her dissertation, she joined a small but ambitious high tech company. On Thanksgiving 2003, she gave up algorithms for writing. She has since won a bunch of literary awards. Her stories and personal essays have been published in the United States, Canada, England, Kenya, and Hong Kong, in magazines such as AGNI, Walrus, PRISM International, StoryQuarterly, Stand and Kwani. She was recently awarded an artist fellowship in fiction/creative non-fiction by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
    Pages: 202  Size: 130x195mm  Illustrations: 5 b/w illus 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - January   2009
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) : China
    List Price: 7.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2
    Title: 2 of: 83
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    Title: Business Republic of China
    Sub-title: Tales from the Front Line of China's New Revolution
    By (author): Jack Leblanc
    ISBN10-13: 988997990X : 9789889979904
    Jack Leblanc arrived in China in 1989 intending to teach Physics for just two years. He was to spend the next two decades on a very different learning curve as he became involved in a series of business ventures in almost every part of the Middle Kingdom. From farmyard to factory, boardroom to banquet, Leblanc witnessed (and occasionally assisted) the transformation of China from a socialist economy into the world's greatest experiment in capitalism. Over time it dawned upon him that the key to success is to manage the differences in Chinese and Western business behaviour. To do well in China you must carefully adapt your strategies -- or face ruin faster than you can learn how to use chopsticks.
    Pages: 248  Size: 140x215mm 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - April   2008
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Autobiography: business & industry : China
    List Price: 9.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 5
    Title: 3 of: 83
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    Title: China
    Sub-title: Portrait of a People
    By (author): Tom Carter
    ISBN10-13: 9889979942 : 9789889979942
    The Beijing Olympics focused the world's eyes on China. But despite increased tourism and rampant foreign investment, the cultural distance between China and the West remains as vast as the oceans that separate them. The Middle Kingdom is still relatively unknown by Westerners. China is in fact made up of 33 distinct regions populated by 56 ethnic groups -- and photojournalist Tom Carter has visited them all. This little book is a visual tribute to the People's Republic of China, with an ardent emphasis on the People.
    Table of Contents:
    Book I: North China; Book II: East China; Book III: South China; Book IV: Central China; Book V: West China.Epilogue by Mian Mian.
    About The Author:
    Writer and photographer Tom Carter was born and raised in San Francisco and graduated with a degree in Political Science from the American University in Washington, D.C. Following a political career with a number of state and national campaigns, Tom spent 18 months backpacking down the length of Mexico and Central America. Most recently, Tom has spent the past four years in the People's Republic of China, where he made his own two-year Long March throughout all of the country's 33 provinces and autonomous regions - one of the few living Westerners able to make this claim. Tom's work as a photojournalist and travel writer has been published in many English-language periodicals in China. He currently lives in Beijing.
    Pages: 638  Size: 155x155mm  Illustrations: 880 colour photos & 33 maps 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - January   2008
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Cultural studies : China
    List Price: 15.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
    Title: 4 of: 83
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    Title: Chinese Ghosts Revisited
    Sub-title: A Study of Paranormal Beliefs and Experiences
    By (author): Charles Emmons
    ISBN10-13: 9881376440 : 9789881376442
    Do the Hong Kong Chinese experience ghosts, hauntings, spirit mediumship, ESP and other paranormal phenomena just like British and Americans? Or is their culture so different that the ghost accounts in this book will seem bizarre to anyone else? This classic presentation of cases is based on 3,600 interviews, questionnaires and observations in Hong Kong in 1980/81, updated by recent materials over 30 years later. Interestingly, in spite of clear influences from ancestor worship and Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist culture, parapsychological theories of apparitions from the West also apply to the Chinese cases. For this 2017 edition, Charles Emmons has revisited his earlier conclusions and added new material that has come to light in the intervening years. This book remains the only major cross-cultural study comparing Chinese with Western ghost experiences.
    Pages: 320 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - October   2017
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Religious groups: social & cultural aspects : Unexplained phenomena / the paranormal
    List Price: 13.59 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1
    Title: 5 of: 83
    Image not yet available
    Title: Chinese Gods
    Sub-title: An Introduction to Chinese Folk Religion
    By (author): Jonathan Chamberlain
    ISBN10-13: 9881774217 : 9789881774217
    Chinese gods: Who are they? Where did they come from? What do they do? Chinese folk religion is the underlying belief system of more than a billion Chinese people. Go into any Chinese home, office or restaurant and you will see altars, statues or paper 'good luck' images. And wherever there is a Chinese community there are temples and Earth God shrines. But what is the religion that makes sense of all these expressions of belief? How do these beliefs connect to Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism? Chinese Gods helps us understand the building blocks of this religion for which even the Chinese have no name - because the beliefs are so intertwined with language and culture they have no independent existence - and provides an in-depth analysis of 19 of the major gods of the Chinese pantheon.
    Table of Contents:
    Preface; Foreword by John Blofeld; Introduction; Fung-shui, Temples, Cities and Squares; Hsing T'ien Temple; From Myth to History; The Strange Case of Confucius; The Problem of Lao Tzu; Nature Cults, Alchemists and Gods; Ancestor Worship; Kuan Ti: God of War; Pak Tai: Emperor of the North; The Purple Planet; Kuan Yin: Hearer of Cries; Monkey: Great Sage Equal to Heaven; Na Cha: The Third Prince; Tin Hau: Queen of Heaven; Tam Kung: The Boy God; San Chou Niang-Niang: Mother of the Three Islands; The Jade Emperor; Pao Kung: Magistrate Pao; Hung Shing: Hung - The Holy One; Ts'ai Shen: God of Wealth; The Peach Blossom Girl: T'ao Hua Hsien Nu; Chang Hsien: The Immortal Chang; Lu Pan: Patron of Builders; Lei Kung: God of Thunder; Chung K'uei: The Exorcist; Wong Tai Sin: The Great Immortal Wong; The Cheung Chau Bun Festival; Glossary of Alternative Names and Spellings; Table of Dynasties.
    About The Author:
    Jonathan Chamberlain was brought up in Ireland and Hong Kong. After graduating in Social Anthropology at Sussex University, he returned to Hong Kong where he lived for many years as a teacher and writer.
    Pages: 240  Size: 140x215mm  Illustrations: 22 colour images & 8 b/w images 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - January   2009
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Folklore, myths & legends : China
    List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
    Title: 6 of: 83
    Image not yet available
    Title: Chinese Street Food
    Sub-title: A Field Guide for the Adventurous Diner
    By (author): Frank Kasell
    ISBN10-13: 9887792721 : 9789887792727
    Street food is the fuel of daily life in China, just as it has been for generations. In every Chinese city, adventurous travellers seeking a deeper understanding of authentic Chinese culture can find unique local street foods unavailable anywhere else in the world. If you want to sample these treasures but don’t know where to start, look no further. With full-colour photographs, taste descriptions, Chinese characters and pinyin names of hundreds of foods from 53 Chinese cities, this book gives you all the information you need to find the most delicious local dishes China can offer.
    About The Author:
    Frank Kasell’s first foray into China was in 2006, when he and his future wife spent a year teaching English in Jiangxi province. It didn’t take long to find that China was exactly where he wanted to be. After returning to the United States, a piece of his heart (and stomach) always remained in China. Years later, with his very understanding wife’s blessing, he abandoned a perfectly comfortable job to spend three months in China riding trains, crashing on strangers’ couches, and eating any street food he could get his hands on, all so that he could write this book. These days, when he is not roaming the US as an international visitor liaison with the Department of State, he spends his time at home in Pittsboro, North Carolina. He writes about food at his blog, www.chinesestreetfood.com, which receives more than 5,000 page views a month.
    "Frank Kasell is one of China's best food bloggers. His blog is a giant, eating travel adventure." – City Weekend magazine, Shanghai
    "For those new to the wonders of Chinese street food, or seasoned food explorers, Chinese Street Food: A Field Guide for the Adventurous Diner is the definitive guide and the only handbook you'll need, covering the specialty street foods of nearly every province in China. Ready to get tasting beyond chao mian or guo tie fried dumplings? Read this." – Fiona Reilly, food writer and blogger, Life on Nanchang Lu
    "With a keen tongue and a panoptic palate, Frank Kasell has written a blueprint for the best kind of adventure – an on-the-ground tour of the everyday flavors of China. Frank is a true culinary diplomat, urging us to follow hungrily in his footsteps." – Sam Chapple-Sokol, food writer and researcher
    Pages: 472  Size: 205x180mm  Illustrations: 200+ colour photos 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - March   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: National & regional cuisine : China
    List Price: 16.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2
    Title: 7 of: 83
    Image not yet available
    Title: Chinese Wet Market Handbook
    Sub-title: A Guide to Shopping at Hong Kong's Fresh Food Markets
    By (author): Pam Shookman
    ISBN10-13: 9881376408 : 9789881376404
    Have you ever wondered about that wacky-looking fruit staring back at you in the local wet market? Or did you want to know how to cook a particular Chinese vegetable, but don't have the language skills? This Handbook gives you the answers! This pocket-sized guidebook, designed to be taken out shopping with you, identifies fresh produce commonly found at Hong Kong's food markets. Each item is identified by a photo, its English name, its romanised Cantonese name with tones, and its name in full-form Chinese characters. The guide explains traditional signage in Chinese characters, including weights and measures, and indicates whether a food is locally produced. Finally, it describes ten lively Hong Kong wet markets especially worth visiting and provides directions on how to find them. Whether you are a Hong Kong resident who wants to shop at food markets but lacks the linguistic and culinary know-how, or a tourist who wants to explore the local culinary sights, this handy guide will help you navigate your way around one of the liveliest and most colourful parts of Hong Kong's food scene.
    About The Author:
    After receiving formal training at Pru Leith's in London, Pam Shookman worked in a number of London restaurants and ran the test kitchen for Eric Treuille at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill. She spent many years living and eating across east Asia, including periods in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. She was Food Editor for Time Out Beijing, contributed to Slow Food and The Insider's Guide to Beijing and ran cooking classes. As her book was going to press Pam Shookman was diagnosed with cancer from which she subsequently died in London. She was passionate about helping people to cook and to use fresh local ingredients. She enjoyed high-end dining but it was street food, in all its quirky local manifestations, that really excited her. This book is a reflection of that commitment to the fresh and the local. She intended that it should be of practical use, carried into markets, becoming stained and dog-eared in the process. The publication of this book following her death is due in no small measure to the enthusiastic support of Tony Tan, author of Tony Tan's Hong Kong, and her husband, Peter Wood.
    Pages: 111  Size: 120x165mm  Illustrations: colour photos 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - December   2014
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Shopping guides : Travel & holiday : Hong Kong
    List Price: 10.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 3
    Title: 8 of: 83
    Image not yet available
    Title: Chungking Mansions
    Sub-title: Photographs from Hong Kong’s Last Ghetto
    By (author): Nana Chen
    ISBN10-13: 9887792829 : 9789887792826
    Squatting amid the luxury hotels and malls of modern Kowloon, Chungking Mansions resembles the dirty vent of a giant subterranean machine. This Hong Kong landmark is a hotbed of criminality and home to pimps, hookers, thieves and drug pushers. The five 17-storey towers also offer the city’s last low-rent refuge for asylum seekers and immigrants coming to start a new life. Nepalese guesthouse owners rent out rooms to Bangladeshi workers, and Pakistanis sell mobile phones to Nigerian traders who hire Indian cargo companies to ship them home. Food stalls fill the air with the savoury aromas of international cuisine, and more than 200 guesthouses, as well as two floors of shops selling black-market, counterfeit and bargain goods, establish this unique place as a global hub of trade and multiculturalism. In 2009, shortly after a Canadian tourist disappeared from Chungking Mansions without a trace, photographer Nana Chen began wandering the corridors. Using her camera as a guide, she discovered the Chungking Mansions not visible to the naked eye: the beating pulse that gives this notorious destination its hypnotic appeal. With compassion and courage, Chen sought to craft a portrait of Hong Kong’s last ghetto and its inhabitants before its vibrant character is erased forever by the inevitable march of progress.
    About The Author:
    Taipei-born Nana Chen is more than just a photographer. A diverse upbringing in Taiwan, Argentina, Chile and the United States inspired her passions for architecture, design and music. Camera in hand, she seeks out the hidden melodies in everyday life. This approach is reflected in her recent works, including Hiraeth: Photographs of Chungking Mansions; Discarded, a still life series on demolished sites in Ho Chi Minh City; and From War Babies to Billionaires, a portrait series on Vietnam’s ultra-rich women. Her work has been featured in Observer Magazine (UK), Gallery & Studio (NYC), Marie Claire (14 editions), la Repubblica (Italy), and many other publications. Nana divides her time between Vietnam, Thailand and Europe.
    “I grew up in the vicinity of Chungking Mansions. Nana Chen's intimate, visceral pictures of the Mansions are so unsentimentally authentic and beautiful that I am speechless and deeply moved.” – Chan Koonchung, author of The Fat Years
    “Nana Chen is a magnificent photographer who captures the personalities of her subjects brilliantly. I love having her photographs in the Observer Magazine.” – Ruaridh Nicoll, Editor, Observer Magazine
    Pages: 96  Size: 216x216mm  Illustrations: 70+ colour photos 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - December   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Individual photographers : Photographs: collections : Architecture : China : Hong Kong
    List Price: 16.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1
    Title: 9 of: 83
    Image not yet available
    Title: Collected Hong Kong Stories
    By (author): David T K Wong
    ISBN10-13: 9881376521 : 9789881376527
    For an arresting mosaic of the great and complex metropolis known as Hong Kong -- and an insight into what the people of the city live by and die for -- a reader need look no further than the Collected Hong Kong Stories of David T K Wong. Wong, a native son of this once British Crown Colony and now Special Administrative Region of China, has drawn upon his own experiences as a journalist, educator, government official and businessman to assemble a range of memorable characters for his tales. They range from barmen to labourers, from jockeys to expatriate bureaucrats, from scholars to tycoons, and each is infused with insights into the collective soul of the edgy, anomalous and perplexing place he finds himself. These 18 stories are carefully crafted in the grand tradition of O Henry, Maugham and Saki. Each has been individually published in a magazine or broadcast over radio in Britain, the United States, Hong Kong or elsewhere. They can be dipped into and savoured separately or feasted upon all in one go. Either way, the result can only be satisfying.
    About The Author:
    David T. K. Wong was born in Hong Kong and has degrees in political science and journalism from Stanford. At the ripe old age of 89, he is publicly exposing for the first time some of the shadier insider dealings in the colonial administration during the governorship of Sir Murray MacLehose. Wong is now resident in Malaysia where he is working on the next volume of his family memoirs, dealing with the goings-on in the Hong Kong commercial sector during the 1980s when he was managing director of Li & Fung, an international trading company. He is the founder of the annual David T. K. Wong Fellowship in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in the UK. His website is at http://davidtkwong.net/.
    “David T. K. Wong sends us on exciting journeys between East and West and challenges our perceptions of what has been gained and what could be lost in the process ... An exceptional read.” – Pam Fraser Solomon, Senior Producer, Short Stories, BBC Radio 4
    Wong is an exceptionally fluent writer whose compelling stories cover a wide range of themes. His talent sparkles, inveigles and mesmerizes.” – Sylvia Tankel, Editor of Short Stories International
    “Clean, direct and subtly understated... an instinctive grasp of the short-story formula.” – South China Morning Post
    “David T. K. Wong’s prose, spare and clean, occasionally rises to eloquence. Sometimes I found myself pausing to replay a paragraph, marvelling at how nicely he lays words down on the page. For English readers starved for something more penetrating than tourist-snap fiction, this writer comes across as a convincing storyteller.” – Joel McCormick, Window magazine
    “Wong has been hailed as a Hong Kong ‘voice’ in English. Perhaps most impressive of all is Wong’s studied refusal to sensationalise a culture chiefly known to fiction for its flamboyant characters and settings.” – Robert McCrum, The Observer
    “The author has a delightful ability to find the extraordinary in ordinary people.” – Sunday Standard
    Pages: 312  Size: 215x140mm 
    PublishedBlacksmith Books (HK) - November   2016
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) : Short stories : Hong Kong
    List Price: 9.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
    Title: 10 of: 83

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