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    Title: Across the Pacific
    Sub-title: Liners from Australia and New Zealand to North America
    By (author): Peter Plowman
    ISBN10-13: 1877058963 : 9781877058967
    For just over a hundred years there was a regular passenger liner service across the Pacific connecting Australia and New Zealand with North America, the main terminal ports being San Francisco and Vancouver. This book describes the rather chaotic development of these services into a reliable and successful trade that flourished into the 1970s before the advent of the jumbo-jet led to a rather rapid decline and eventual termination of the trans-Pacific passenger liner. With his usual meticulous research, Peter Plowman describes the liners that traversed the Pacific and companies that owned and managed them. The main North American ports were San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company was the first to instigate regular operations, the route was then taken over by the Oceanic Steamship Company. This in turn became the Matson Line with its famous liners the Mariposa and the Monterey. The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand used the Tahiti and Maunganui. Details of the liners are given, their voyages, changes of name and ownership and their eventual fate. The various company mergers and associations are covered (such as that of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand). Some of the liners were requisitioned during World War I and II. The Aorangi for example, survived the war. Her sister ship, the Niagara was victim to a mine.
    About The Author:
    Peter Plowman is a noted maritime researcher and writer, having had five books published in Australia over the past twenty years. His first books detailed the history of Australian and New Zealand Passenger Ships from 1875 to 1980.
    This book is nothing short of being phenomenal.Throughout the book there are newspaper articles & letters from passengers, which add to the atmosphere in the book. the photographs vary from interior views to general ship photographs, and each ship's history is included. Just to read it makes you wich that you could have been there to sample the elegance & nostalgia of a bygone era. Highly recommended & a worthy addition to any collection. - Nautical Magazine, April 2011
    Pages: 272  Size: 210x285mm  Illustrations: colour & b/w photos 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - October   2010
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Ships & boats: general interest
    List Price: 17.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
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    Title: Across the Sea to War
    Sub-title: Australian & New Zealand Troop Convoys from 1865 Through Two World Wars to Korea & Vietnam
    Series: (Australian Military History Series)
    By (author): Peter Plowman
    ISBN10-13: 1877058068 : 9781877058066
    Australia and New Zealand have a proud record of sending troops overseas to fight for Great Britain when conflicts have arisen over the years. This book chronicles the transporting of these troops by ship to overseas destinations, starting with the Sudan Campaign in 1865, which was followed by participation in the Boer War at the turn of the century. This is a story that has never been told before, about an aspect of war that has been largely overlooked by military historians. However, without the convoys, the outcome of the entire war would have been very different. This is far more than a book about ships, or the war in general. It is a very different, yet highly compelling story of men thrust into dangerous situations, who coped with daily life with the courage and humour that was typical of the average soldier. The book will be an essential addition to the library of anyone with an interest in military history, naval history, maritime history, the Second World War, or the great liners of the past.
    Table of Contents:
    Introduction; The Sudan Campaign; The Boer War; World War II Between the Wars; The First Convoy; The Second Convoy; The Third Convoy; August to December 1940; From Britain to Egypt; The 'Monster' Convoys; Reinforcing Singapore; The Final Middle East Convoys; Airmen at Sea; Darwin & the Pacific Islands; The Singapore Convoys; Operation Stepsister and the Fall of Singapore; Operation Pamphlet; New Guinea and the Islands; Coming Home; The Korean War; The Vietnam War.
    About The Author:
    Peter Plowman is a noted maritime researcher and writer, having had five books published in Australia over the past twenty years. His first books detailed the history of Australian and New Zealand Passenger Ships from 1875 to 1980.
    Pages: 504  Size: 155x230mm  Illustrations: 180 b/w photos 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - July   2003
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: True war & combat stories : Korean War : Vietnam War : Naval forces & warfare : Australia
    List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
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    Title: Against the Grain
    Sub-title: 14 Farmers Adapt to Climate Change
    By (author): Bill Hampel
    ISBN10-13: 1925078507 : 9781925078503
    Can we humans simply ignore the fires, floods and increased deaths climate change is bringing? Fourteen farmers – those bearing the brunt of climate change – who accept the science, tell how they have observed or recorded the unpredictable weather events, the reduction in rainfall and its shift to the hotter months when it is less useful to plants. Far from contributing to the problem with their farming practices, these farmers demonstrate how to reduce their greenhouse gases – to zero or below in some cases – and remain profitable. They are all committed to pass on their farm in a better condition than when they bought or inherited it. Crops or livestock, big or small, they have worked co-operatively, mostly through Landcare, to plant thousands of trees and daily enjoy, and in one case meticulously record, over 100 bird species. Several have blocks of mature trees just for posterity. These inspiring and informative farmer stories open up a world new to most city dwellers. A summary of climate change impacts and an account of the numerous economic, political and media barriers to change provide a context for their work.
    About The Author:
    As a boy Bill Hampel lived in the Mallee and spent his summer holidays helping wheat carters bring their load to the silo. He is now a retired tertiary teacher living in Melbourne.
    Pages: 272  Size: 225x150mm  Illustrations: 50 photos 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - July   2015
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Agricultural science
    List Price: 15.00 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: An Australian Locomotive Guide
    Edition Statement: 2nd Edition
    By (author): Peter Clark.
    ISBN10-13: 1925078647 : 9781925078640
    Meticulously revised and updated throughout. Four completely new designs of locomotive have entered service, and new examples of existing types have appeared under new ownership as well as to existing operators. Some locomotives have changed hands. New entries for new types and updated information for those types affected by new deliveries, sale or transfer overseas are included. Technical data has been provided in the new entries and these have been included in the correct sequence to maintain the book's emphasis on technical development.
    About The Author:
    Peter Clark is a professional mechanical engineer with experience in Australian Railways, including specific involvement in rail and wheel interaction studies on heavy haul railways in Australia. Author of High Speed Trains, and An Australian Diesel Locomotive Pocketbook and Locomotives in China – the latter a definitive work for the period. He has written many articles for railway periodicals. He lives in Canberra.
    Pages: 368  Size: 210x150mm  Illustrations: 300 colour plates 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - September   2015
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Railway transport industries : Trains & railways: general interest : Australia
    List Price: 16.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
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    Title: Archipelago
    Sub-title: A Journey Across Indonesia
    By (author): Ian Burnet
    ISBN10-13: 1925078604 : 9781925078602
    Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago nation comprising as many as 17,000 islands spread over the same distance as Los Angeles to New York, or Perth to Sydney. Indonesia is also the most culturally diverse nation on the planet and its national motto had to be ‘Unity in Diversity' as these islands are an extraordinary mélange of races, religions, languages and cultures. Ian Burnet sets out on a journey across the archipelago to discover the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia. He describes how the early Malay people came to these islands and the influence of the Indian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali. He discovers the heritage of the Indians, Chinese and Arabs who came here to trade in spices and sandalwood, he follows the rise of Islam and the traces of the first Europeans to enter Asia - the early Portuguese traders and priests. Travelling by bus, plane, train, ferry, boat, car and motorcycle from Java to Timor, he hops from island to island across the Indonesian archipelago and the smoking volcanoes that form its spine. Ian Burnet combines his love of adventure and travel with his knowledge of history to take us with him on a personal journey through geographic space and historical time, which will delight all armchair travellers.
    About The Author:
    Ian Burnet has spent thirty years, living, working and travelling in Indonesia. His three prior books show his fascination with the diverse history and cultures of the archipelago. Spice Islands tells the 2000 year history of the spice trade from the Moluccas of Eastern Indonesia until the spices reached Europe. It was the lure of the fabled Spice Islands and exotic spices such as cloves and nutmegs that drove ‘The Age of Discovery' and the first circumnavigation of our planet. East Indies begins in the port city of Malacca, and tells the story of the 200 year struggle between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for trade supremacy in the Eastern Seas. It follows the rise of the world's first joint stock and multinational trading companies and their conversion to huge colonial states ruling over millions of people in Indonesia, India and Malaya. Archipelago takes us on a journey across the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, the most ethnically and culturally diverse nation on the planet. Through Ian Burnet's eyes we see the layers of ethnicity, culture, language and religion that make up the nation of Indonesia, a nation whose national motto had to be ‘Unity in Diversity'. Ian lives with his family in Sydney, Australia.
    Pages: 240  Size: 240x180mm  Illustrations: 100 colour plates 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - August   2015
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Travel writing : Indonesia : Indonesia
    List Price: 20.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
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    Title: Australian Cruise Ships
    By (author): Peter Plowman
    ISBN10-13: 1877058505 : 9781877058509
    During the past thirty years cruising has become a popular form of holiday for an increasing number of Australians. The first cruise from Australia was operated by the P&O liner Strathaird, which departed Sydney on 23 December 1932 for five nights to Brisbane and Norfolk Island. Up to 1939 P & O and Orient Line vessels operated occasional cruises between line voyages from Britain, but these ceased in 1939. It was not until the mid-1950s that cruises began operating again, but these were still on a very occasional basis, again on P & O and Orient Line vessels engaged in the regular trade between Britain and Australia. During the 1960s other shipping companies also began operating occasional cruises, but there were no ships assigned to the cruise trade on a regular basis. Things began to change in the early 1970s, when the advent of the Boeing 747 transformed international travel. Instead of spending four weeks or more at sea, Australians could now fly to Britain and Europe in one day, and this spelled doom for the long-haul passenger liner. Many of these vessel ended up in the scrap yard, but some were refitted to full time cruise ships, and thus began the cruise boom. The first liners to be engaged in full time cruising from Australia were all converted, having been built for other trades. For many thousands of Australians, these ships introduced them to the delights of cruising, and the number of Australians making a cruise has steadily increased over the past three decades. This book provides details of many of the ships that cruised out of Australian ports from the early 1970s up to 2000, and all the cruise liners to have been seen in local waters since 2001, as well as a look ahead to the liners scheduled to come here later in 2007 and into 2008. It is my hope that turning the pages of this book will bring back many happy memories to cruise travellers, and hopefully inspire those who have not yet ventured out to sea to make the plunge and discover the joy of cruising. The ships are listed in the order in which they entered the local cruise market. As the pages proceed it will be noted that over the years the size of the liners seen in Australia has steadily increased. In the early days cruise liners were usually no more than 25,000 gross tons, but in the summer of 2002 we welcomed the first liner to exceed 100,000 gross tons. In February 2007 the second largest passenger liner ever built, Queen Mary 2, will make a visit to our shores. For the summer of 2007-08, the Australian cruise trade will be serviced by three liners exceeding 70,000 gross tons, something that would have been thought impossible even five years ago. This book includes 110 liners that have operated cruises in Australia waters over the past 35 years. The text gives full details, including important dates, types of accommodation, interesting facts and general information, on every ship. There is also a colour picture on every page, none of which have been published previously as they are all taken by the author or his friends in the shipping fraternity.
    About The Author:
    Peter Plowman is a noted maritime researcher and writer, having had five books published in Australia over the past twenty years. His first books detailed the history of Australian and New Zealand Passenger Ships from 1875 to 1980.
    Pages: 112  Size: 215x280mm  Illustrations: colour photos 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - January   2007
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Maritime history : Ships & boats: general interest : Australia
    List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: Australian Doctors on the Western Front
    Series: (Australian Doctors at War Series: Volume 3)
    By (author): Colonel Robert Likeman CSM
    ISBN10-13: 1925078124 : 9781925078121
    This book covers the carnage on the Western Front from 1916-1918. Likeman provides mini-biographies of each of the more than 600 Australian doctors, and the Australian Army Medical Corps units and hospitals, which served on the Western Front and in the training establishments in the UK. Each officer's medical qualifications are listed, along with any honours and awards, as well as numerous photographs. There are also introductory essays about the campaigns in which the Australians served, and accompanying maps.
    Table of Contents:
    I ANZAC Corps; II ANZAC Corps; First Division; First Division Medical Units; Second Division; Second Division Medical Units; Third Division; Third Division Medical Units; Fourth Division; Fourth Division Medical Units; Fifth Division; Fifth Division Medical Units; Sixth Division; Sixth Division Medical Units; Hospitals; Kitchener’s Hundred; Nominal Roll 1916–1917; Australian Corps (Narrative); First Division; Second Division; Third Division; Third Division Medical Units; Fourth Division; Fifth Division; Hospitals; The AIF in England; Hospitals in England; Nominal Roll 1918; Index.
    Pages: 496  Size: 245x165mm  Illustrations: 400 b/w illus 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - July   2014
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: First World War
    List Price: 35.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1
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    Title: Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977
    By (author): Peter Plowman
    ISBN10-13: 1877058408 : 9781877058400
    Peter Plowman's book "Emigrant Ships to Luxury Liners" was published in 1992, and sold steadily until 2004, when supplies were exhausted. Rather than reprint that book, he decided to produce a new book that concentrated solely on the migrant ships that served Australia from 1946 to 1977, as they are still a source of great interest to many people, especially those who travelled on them, and their families. This book contains many new pictures as well as updated information.
    About The Author:
    Peter Plowman is a noted maritime researcher and writer, having had five books published in Australia over the past twenty years. His first books detailed the history of Australian and New Zealand Passenger Ships from 1875 to 1980.
    Pages: 144  Size: 210x290mm  Illustrations: 140 b/w photos 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - January   2006
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Maritime history : Family history, tracing ancestors
    List Price: 19.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
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    Title: Australian Tractors
    Sub-title: Indigenous Tractors and Self-Propelled Machines in Rural Australia
    By (author): Graeme R Quick
    ISBN10-13: 1877058394 : 9781877058394
    Australia has some of the world's largest and most labour-efficient farms, and tractors are an essential part of their operations. The average Australian farm has three or more tractors. In this historical overview Graeme Quick documents the development of the indigenous tractor industry, from the McDonald Imperial of 1909 to more recent cane, olive and grape harvesters. Histories of individual manufacturers include much technical detail, but the story also puts the industry in an economic and social history context and provides information on a wide range of Australian farmers, engineers and others who have made significant contributions. This revised edition includes much fresh information, many new illustrations, and appeals both to the mechanical enthusiast and the social historian.
    Pages: 192  Size: 210x290mm  Illustrations: 300+ photos & illus 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - January   2006
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Tractors & farm vehicles: general interest : Australia
    List Price: 10.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
    Title: 9 of: 77
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    Title: Backyard Beekeeping
    By (author): Courtenay N Smithers
    ISBN10-13: 1921719192 : 9781921719196
    There is room for a hive of bees in many a suburban garden and, as author Courtenay Smithers points out, there is always something special about eating honey from your own hives. The revised second edition of this book is written especially for those who would like to experience that healthy pleasure yet are unsure how to set about it. But Backyard Beekeeping is not simply a beginners' guide. It is a comprehensive reference for all wishing to keep healthy bees and produce delicious, honey. It provides essential information on the bees life cycle, the basic equipment required for 'beekeeping, where to position hives, and obtain a bee colony, how to care for a colony and increase its size, the harvesting of honey and wax, how to move hives, swarm control and the nectar and pollen flowers that attract bees to Australian and New Zealand gardens. The author's experience both as an entomologist, formerly with the Australian Museum and as keen amateur beekeeper, ensures that Backyard Beekeeping is a book that will be of practical help to both amateurs starting out and long-time professional beekeepers.
    Pages: 88  Size: 240x180mm  Illustrations: 16 colour plates 
    PublishedRosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd (AUS) - August   2011
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Apiculture (beekeeping)
    List Price: 13.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Reprint under Consideration 
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