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    Title: Abbotsford Mysteries
    By (author): Patricia Sykes
    ISBN10-13: 1876756950 : 9781876756956
    The Abbotsford Convent becomes more than the setting, the grey mince-meat walls, of this collection. It emerges as presence, intimate and familiar as well as constraining and forbidding. But it is childhood itself which becomes the subterranean geography and pulse. Subject to an overworld of lay and religious adults, the razor of power having such adult force, the voices in these poems create multiple pathways through memory and time as they map and navigate the many-stranded mysteries of their institutionalised lives.
    About The Author:
    Patricia Sykes is a prize-winning poet and the author of the acclaimed collection, Wire Dancing (1999). In 1996 "river salvages" won the John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award and "death, passion-fruit and roses" was a finalist in the 1995 AUNTECH Poetry Prize. Two of the poems in Modewarre have been awarded prizes. "Modewarre -- ways you might approach it" was Highly Commended in the Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize and "Sanctuary: Swan lake, Phillip Island" won the Tom Collins Poetry Prize. Wire Dancing was shortlisted for the Anne Elder and Mary Gilmore Awards. In addition to her poetry, Patricia Sykes is also a professional storyteller and performer.
    Pages: 96  Size: 145x210mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - August   2011
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Poetry by individual poets
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 3
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    Title: Accidents of Composition
    By (author): Merlinda Bobis
    ISBN10-13: 1742199984 : 9781742199986
    The eyes catch a black bird close to an eerie sun. Instantly, a poem: an accident of composition. Or a tree, rock, light from a story heard, dreamt, read or remembered returns as if it were the only tree, rock, light in the planet. The poet is caught, returned to her first heart: poetry. after four novels, Merlinda offers seventy-six poems from the stillness of contemplation to the spinning of tales, then to passage across different histories. Glass becomes eternal greens underwater, fish gossip about colonisation, a gumnut turns dissident, and the dreams of Captain Cook and Pigafetta circumnavigate the globe leaving a trail of blood, beads, and the scent of cloves. But between, the port hopes: 'there could be accidents of kindness here.' In her latest collection of poetry, award-winning author Merlina Bobis traces the accidents of art and life. Drawing on the journal of Pigafetta whose writings have become an accident of history, Merlinda Bobis composes with an attuned ear and her poems are rich with imagery; with breath and heart.
    About The Author:
    Merlinda Bobis is a contemporary Philippine Australian writer, dancer, visual artist and academic. Born in Legaspi City in the Philippines, Merlinda completed her BA at Aquinas University and completed her post-graduate studies at the University of St Thomas and the University of Wollongong, where she went on to lecture in creative writing. She is now an honorary Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University. Merlinda is the recipient of multiple awards including a shortlisting for The Age Book of Year Award in 1999. In 2000 she was awarded the Steele Rudd Award for the Best Collection of Australian short stories for White Turtle and in 2016 Merlinda's novel Locust Girl: A Love Song, was awarded the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction.
    Pages: 184  Size: 210x150mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - September   2017
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Poetry by individual poets : Feminism & feminist theory
    List Price: 13.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 50
    Title: 2 of: 166
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    Title: Adani, Following Its Dirty Footsteps
    Sub-title: A Personal Story
    By (author): Lindsay Simpson
    ISBN10-13: 1925581470 : 9781925581478
    From fishing villages on the Gujarat coastline to Adani’s power plant in Mundra and thecompany’s headquarters in Ahmedabad, Lindsay Simpson’s personal story tracks how the AdaniGroup managed to woo Australian governments into approving Australia’s largest coal mine inthe Galilee Basin and port expansion in a zone of great ecological sensitivity.Why would an Australian Prime Minister, a State Premier and a handful of regional mayorsback such a project, risking the future of the Great Barrier Reef and threatening Australia’s vastprecious source of underground water—the Great Artesian Basin? And what of the consequencesfor greenhouse gas emissions if other proposed mines in the Galilee Basin go ahead?With other activists, she travels from Adani’s Indian headquarters in Gujarat to ParliamentHouse in Canberra to lobby politicians, demand answers and question motivations. She alsodocuments the power of the social movement, Stop Adani, which has captured the publicimagination.
    About The Author:
    Lindsay Simpson was an investigative journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald from 1983 to 1995. She is the author and co-author of ten books. In 2007, she was awarded the Crime Writer’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award. She lives in the Whitsundays close to the Great Barrier Reef where she writes full time and with her husband operates two sailing boats.
    This is an important book for every citizen concerned about dirty coal and climate change, the globalisation of corruption and the destruction of our democracies, from India to Australia. It tells the global story of how a handful of billionaires are using politicians to make limitless money while they destroy the planet, people’s lives, and our common future. — Dr Vandana Shiva, author of Making Peace with the Earth, Recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award
    Pages: 268 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - October   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Environmentalist thought & ideology
    List Price: 17.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 38
    Title: 3 of: 166
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    Title: Adoption Deception
    By (author): Penny Mackieson
    ISBN10-13: 1742199747 : 9781742199740
    What is it like to be adopted, have your identity changed and never feel quite at home in your new family, despite being loved? What is it like to become a social worker and be faced with the challenges and consequences of other adoptions every day? What is it like to hear the moving National Apology for Forced Adoptions by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2013 only to be faced a few months later by a new prime minister intent on forgetting all the lessons learnt and championing a deregulated parent-centred market-driven adoption industry? Penny Mackieson takes us on her journey with the unique perspective of both an adopted person and a professional who worked in intercountry adoption for over a decade. She unravels the complexities, debunks the myths, analyses the policies and raises important questions about the ethical and human rights dilemmas in adoption. Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journeyis a passionate, heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest account of one woman's life as an adopted person and her campaign for change. The author presents a compelling argument for Permanent Care instead of adoption for vulnerable children unable to be raised by their families in the light of continuing issues of exploitation, identity loss and the priority given to adults' wishes over children's rights.
    About The Author:
    Penny Mackieson is an Australian social worker and author who was adopted as a newborn. She has a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Social Work from Melbourne University and has worked primarily in the children and family services sector. Penny lives with her husband and son in inner Melbourne.
    "Adoption Deception is a deeply personal account of the experience of adoption, and the effect it can have into adulthood. It is a story of how family relationships can be influenced by adoption policies and practices. It challenges us to think about how we respond to the ‘commercialisation of children’ through adoption and assisted reproductive technologies." -- Professor Marie Connolly, Chair & Head of Social Work, The University of Melbourne.
    "This is a lightning rod of a book, one that will summon thunderclaps of applause and disapproval. I am not saying I agree with the argument the author makes; I am saying I admire the naked personal honesty with which she makes it. Whatever viewpoint you have at the end of this book, I guarantee you this -- you will think, and feel, more deeply about the issue of adoption." -- Martin Flanagan, author & Agejournalist
    "This is a powerful and passionate book about the personal and political aspects of adoption. While it is overwhelmingly negative about adoption and the author believes the practice is outdated and should cease, she does present strong arguments for her case." — Sue Bond, PhD candidate at Central Queensland University, Australian Women's Book Review
    Pages: 178  Size: 215x140mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - November   2015
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Social services & welfare, criminology
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 6
    Title: 4 of: 166
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    Title: All That False Instruction
    By (author): Kerryn Higgs
    ISBN10-13: 1876756144 : 9781876756147
    Maureen Craig escapes from a difficult childhood on the fringe of a country town to the promise of the big city and a new world. But within the stone walls of university and the supposedly freewheeling youth-culture of the 1960s, she encounters a suffocating conformity. The life she longs for brings her into conflict with a society that values convention above all and forbids love between women. Against the odds, Maureen seeks to break free from social expectation and find a place in the world where she can be herself.
    Pages: 252  Size: 130x195mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - March   2002
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Gender studies: women : Lesbian studies : Of specific Lesbian interest
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 5 of: 166
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    Title: Angels of Power
    Sub-title: and Other Reproductive Creations
    Edited by: Susan Hawthorne, Dr. Renate Klein PhD
    ISBN10-13: 1875559000 : 9781875559008
    In the tradition of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'. Imagination, vision and a sense of the absurd come together and demonstrate that women can resist the power of god-like scientists who long to create monsters and angels. With contributions by writers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. This book should head the reading list of any course in ethics and reproductive technology.
    About The Author:
    Susan Hawthorne is the author/editor of 25 books published in five languages across 20 territories. Her non-fiction books include Bibliodiversity (2014), Wild Politics (2002), and The Spinifex Quiz Book (1993). She has been active in the women’s liberation movement since 1973, was involved in Melbourne’s Rape Crisis Centre and performed as an aerialist in two women’s circuses. She has taught English to Arabic-speaking women, worked in Aboriginal education and has taught across a number of subject areas in universities. She is Adjunct Professor in the School of Humanities at James Cook University, Townsville. Among her awards, she was the winner of the 2017 Penguin Random House Best Achievement in Writing in the Inspire Awards for her work increasing people’s awareness of epilepsy and the politics of disability. She has won awards for her contribution to the gay and lesbian community and to publishing.
    Dr Renate Klein is a long-term women's health researcher and has written extensively on reproductive technologies and feminist theory over the last thirty years. A biologist and social scientist, she was Associate Professor on Women's Studies at Deakin University in Melbourne. She is the author of Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation (2017)
    Pages: 260  Size: 140x215mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - May   2002
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Ethics & moral philosophy : Gender studies: women
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 22
    Title: 6 of: 166
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    Title: Ann Hannah, My (Un)Remarkable Grandmother
    Sub-title: A Psychological Biography
    By (author): Betty McLellan
    ISBN10-13: 1925581284 : 9781925581287
    Ann Hannah was an ordinary, no-nonsense, practical woman. While a constant and caring presence in the life of her granddaughter Betty McLellan, she remained emotionally distant. In an effort to understand her grandmother, Betty has used Ann Hannah’s everyday expressions as a starting point to uncover the truth about her life. These words and phrases, heard countless times during Betty’s childhood, are the clues to a life that, like those of many working-class women in the early 1900s, was fraught with challenges and difficulties and ignored by historians. What did Ann Hannah mean when she said that she was forced to migrate to Australia from England in the 1920s? Why did she remember her husband as a ‘wickid’ man? How did she cope with the death of those close to her, including her own son? How did she manage to overcome the struggles and disappointments that punctuated her life? Written with a sharp feminist consciousness that displays both compassion and intellect, this astute psychological biography tells the story of a resilient woman who, when placed in circumstances beyond her control, managed to live a good life. It provides valuable insight into the lives of many (un)remarkable women whose lives may have gone unnoticed but whose experiences shed so much light on the realities faced by women throughout the 1900s.
    About The Author:
    Betty McLellan is the author of Help! I'm Living with a Man Boy, which has been translated into 16 languages. She is also the author of Overcoming Anxiety (1992), Beyond Psychoppression (1995), and Unspeakable: A feminist ethic of speech (2010). With a focus on both the personal and the political, Betty successfully combines her work as a psychotherapist with a broader emphasis on a feminist ethical analysis and activism.
    Pages: 160 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - July   2017
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Biography: historical, political & military : Gender studies: women
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 21
    Title: 7 of: 166
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    Title: Another Year in Africa
    By (author): Rose Zwi
    ISBN10-13: 1875559426 : 9781875559428
    They came from the shtetl to a new land, to a new life. Another year in Africa, they said, another year in exile. Old bonds break as they adjust from the old world of pogroms to their new life in Africa. Ruth, a child of six when the story begins, is caught up in their dreams and fears, haunted by memories and tragedy of persecution that are not even hers.
    Pages: 172  Size: 140x215mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - May   1995
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) : Jewish studies : Human rights : Africa
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 10
    Title: 8 of: 166
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    Title: Anticlimax
    Sub-title: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution
    By (author): Sheila Jeffreys
    ISBN10-13: 1742198074 : 9781742198071
    The sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s is remembered as a time of great freedom for women. But did the sexual revolution have the same goals as the Women's Liberation Movement? Was it truly liberation for women or just another insidious form of oppression? In this provocative book, Shelia Jeffreys argues that sexual freedom sometimes directly opposed actual freedom for women. Anticlimax traces sexual mores and attitudes from the 1950s to the 1990s, exploring the nature of both straight and gay relationships and offering original and compelling commentary on Lolita, Naked Lunch, The Joy of Sex, The Masters/Johnson report, and other representations in the literature on sexuality. At the root of sexual liberation, Sheila Jeffreys finds an increasing eroticisation of power differences within heterosexual, lesbian and gay communities. Her alternative vision of sexual relations based on equality is a major statement in the debates over sex and violence that remain relevant in discussions about the Slutwalks, sexualisation of girls and the pervasiveness of porn culture.
    About The Author:
    Sheila Jeffreys is the author of many books on feminism and on violence against women. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Melbourne.
    Anticlimax is the most impressing and critical book that I have read in a long time. Jeffreys is clear, concise, smart, and critical and in all this incorporates a dark sense of humor that I truly appreciate. She delivers strong arguments that are difficult to disprove or argue against.—Elin Weiss, Metaphsychology
    Pages: 378 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - March   2011
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Feminism & feminist theory : Of specific Gay & Lesbian interest
    List Price: 19.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 11
    Title: 9 of: 166
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    Title: Ao Toa
    Sub-title: Earth Warriors
    By (author): Cathie Dunsford
    ISBN10-13: 1876756438 : 9781876756437
    What happens when a group of scientists take creation into their own hands? 'Ao Toa' is that rare novel -- an eco-thriller combining action and suspense with deep emotions and the sensual power of the natural world. It is peopled with believable women and men, teenagers and elders, suits and activists, farmers and gardeners. As they grapple with concerns ranging from sick children and indigenous medicines to toxic sprays and genetic engineering, they encounter the realities of corruption, politics and power. Fired with her passion for life, food and challenge, Cowrie and her friends take on multinational corporations and government over the issue of genetically modified crops. Blending Maori tradition with feminist insight, the novel explores ways of right living. The richly realised texture of daily life expresses fundamental conflicts over food security, the care of the environment and the morality of science. The writing is irreverent, funny and fresh, catching the authentic tone and flavour of today's global debates as they play out at a local level.
    About The Author:
    Cathie Dunsford is a writer, teacher and publishing consultant. She has written four previous novels, and she is also the editor of numerous anthologies.
    Pages: 320  Size: 130x200mm 
    PublishedSpinifex Press - February   2004
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Thriller / suspense : The environment
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 7
    Title: 10 of: 166

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