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    Title: Ahed Tamimi
    Sub-title: A Girl Who Fought Back
    By (author): Manal Tamimi, Paul Heron, Paul Morris., Peter Lahti
    ISBN10-13: 9188441261 : 9789188441263
    In December 2017, a video clip went viral. Millions felt they had to watch a strange and uneven dispute. On one side were two male, fully armed, uniformed soldiers, and, on the other, two girls, dressed in every-day clothing. The soldiers belong to an occupation army from a foreign country. The girls tell them to leave the family’s garden. But the soldiers refuse to leave. One soldier tries to push away the youngest of the girls, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi. Ahed reacts quickly, strikes back at the soldier, and slaps him. Four days later, the whole world is shocked to see Ahed sent to a military prison inside Israel, for that slap. When Ahed’s mother, Nariman complained, she was arrested and imprisoned too. This is the story of Ahed Tamimi. Who unintentionally, has become a world-wide symbol of self-esteem in the face of oppression. The book also reveals the plight of hundreds of child political prisoners held in Israeli military prisons. Ahed’s fate is that of a young Palestinian, but she gives courage and hope to anyone, who, anywhere in the world needs to find the strength to stand up against wrong-doing and call out: Stop! No more! As Ahed herself says: Right now, injustice is happening all across the world. We should extend our struggles to one another in order to end all of the world’s injustices. We are all victims of some kind of occupation. We won’t let anyone suffer alone.
    Pages: 172  Size: 210x155mm 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - April   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Social & cultural history : Political control & freedoms : Revolutionary groups & movements : Palestine
    List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 633
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    Title: Arnhem 1944 – An Epic Battle Revisited
    Sub-title: Volume 1: Tanks and Paratroopers
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 918844144X : 9789188441447
    This is the ultimate book on Operation Market Garden, by internationally highly acclaimed military historian Christer Bergström. The indepth research made by the author has resulted in many myths and misconceptions being convincingly dispelled, backed up by detailed source notes. . In fact, these two volumes form a completely new image of the battle in the Netherlands in the autumn of 1944. It was Cornelius Ryan who in 1974 put Market Garden so to say on the map. However, it is obvious that he had no time to go through his vast collection of first-hand material on Market Garden before he so sadly passed away that same year. This is a mission that Christer Bergström has taken upon himself. A torrent of new books about Market Garden has been published since 1974, and many of its authors – all included – have done meritorious work in producing new research. But it appears quite obvious that nobody has previously tried to go through The Cornelius Ryan Collection in its entirety in order to publish to the public the important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that Ryan produced but was never able to use in his book. But now it has been done, for the first time, in this book by Christer Bergström. Bergström has made a painstaking research work for several years, interviewing veterans and others who participated or witnessed the battle. He has gone through all relevant documents in all relevant archives in the UK, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands, and that material forms the basis of his book.
    ”Well-written, captivating and detailed describes the brutal reality of war, which nevertheless does not have any negative impact on the dramatic description. A most exciting reading experience.” – Svensk Bibliotekstjänst (Library Serice), on Volume 1.
    "Volume One of Arnhem 1944 is a solid hit. Christer Bergström gets high marks for original research, comprehensive orders of battle, and interactive QR codes that immerse the reader into the heat of battle. This puts a whole new face on Market-Garden." - Andy Nunez, editor of Against the Odds Magazine.
    Pages: 388  Size: 230x155mm  Illustrations: colour illus & maps 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - May   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: European history : Second World War : Tanks & military land vehicles
    List Price: 23.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 197
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    Title: Arnhem 1944 -- An Epic Battle Revisited
    Sub-title: Volume II: The Lost Victory -- September-October 1944
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 9188441458 : 9789188441454
    All previous published accounts of Operation Market Garden end the main story with the evacuation of the British airborne troops from Oosterbeek – which obscures the fact that Operation Market Garden at that time was still to be regarded as essentially a great success. It was only due to the following development of events (including the battle at Overloon in October 1944) that meant that the strategic success of Operation Market Garden could not be utilized to end the war before the turn of the year 1944. This is a story that has never been told before, and which is described and analysed in detail in the concluding Volume 2 of Christer Bergström’s Arnhem 1944.
    ”Military-historian Christer Bergström treats the source material with excellence and puts common images and myths of this battle into question. An extensive source and note list, photos, fact boxes, QR-coded film and sound clips supplement the text of this impressive work in two volumes about operation Market Garden. In summary – brilliant.” – Svensk Bibliotekstjänst (Library Serice), on Volume 2.
    Pages: 424  Size: 230x155mm  Illustrations: colour photos & maps 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - August   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: European history : Second World War
    List Price: 23.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 105
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    Title: Black Cross Red Star – Air War Over the Eastern Front
    Sub-title: Volume 5 -- The Great Air Battles: Kuban and Kursk April-July 1943
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 9188441571 : 9789188441577
    This is the direct continuation of Volume 4 in the Black Cross/Red Star series. This volume covers the air war on the Eastern Front between March/April 1943 and July 1943, with the focus on the great air battles at Kuban and Kursk.
    Pages: 384  Size: 300x210mm  Illustrations: illus 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - June   2020
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Military history : Second World War
    List Price: 48.73 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Not yet Published 
    Title: 4 of: 8
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    Title: Black Cross Red Star -- Air War Over the Eastern Front
    Sub-title: Volume 4: Stalingrad to Kuban 1942-1943
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 9188441210 : 9789188441218
    Regarded as the standard work on the air war over the Eastern Front during World War II, Christer Bergström’s unique Black Cross/Red Star series covers the history of the air war on the Eastern Front in close detail, with the perspectives of both sides. Based on a close study of German and Russian archive material, as well as interviews with a large number of the airmen who participated in this aerial conflict, it has established itself as the main source on the air war on the Eastern Front. Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 4 will cover the air war along the entire Eastern Front during the period winter 1942/1943 through the spring of 1943, in great detail, with a balance between German and Soviet archive sources etc., and with many first-hand accounts. It will be of the same size as the other volumes, and it will also contain aircraft colour profiles.
    "Black Cross Red Star is absolutely 'must' reading for anyone interested in the Eastern front during WWII. The book constitutes a truly unique and unheralded contribution to our understanding of the German-Russian campaign. Highly Recommended!" - Dave Williams at Aviation Booklist.
    "Masterfully combines the combat experiences of both Soviet and German airmen into a coherent narrative." - Richard R. Muller, Maxwell AFB, in Aerospace Power Journal, on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 2.
    "Black Cross/Red Star belongs on the bookshelf of any serious student of aerial combat." - Canadian Military History Book Review Supplement.
    "A balanced account of the Eastern Front and the incredible battles staged there ... An impressive series." - FlyPast on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1.
    "Black Cross, Red Star ... an indispensable reference – highly recommended." - J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, Inc. and Tiger Hobbies.
    "Without a doubt one of the finest aviation history books I’ve ever read." - Richard Goldblatt at SimHqCom on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1.
    "Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume one was a strong winner in our Top Ten awards for the best new WWII books... An unprecedented amount of carefully documented detail about both the Luftwaffe and the VVS." - Bill Stone at Stone & Stone on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1.
    "Volume two of Black Cross, Red Star finished in the top ten this year after volume one did the same last year." - Bill Stone at Stone & Stone on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 2.
    "One of the best books of the year!" - Bill Stone at Stone & Stone on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 3.
    "When considering purchasing background books for IL-2 Sturmovik, the Black Cross/Red Star volumes should be at the top of the list." - Richard Goldblatt at the IL-2 Sturmovik Section of the SimHQ.com Reference Library.
    Pages: 360  Size: 300x210mm  Illustrations: colour illus & maps 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - September   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: European history : Second World War : Air forces & warfare
    List Price: 48.73 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 453
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    Title: Daisy
    Sub-title: The History of a C-47/DC-3 in World War II and the Men Who Flew it
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 9188441512 : 9789188441515
    This is the thrilling story of a C-47 Skytrain which flew over Normandy and during Operation Market Garden in World War II. The book also goes into detail with the men who flew it, and what they experienced during the war. Called Daisy, the aircraft still flies, owned by a Swedish organisation, and takes part in the parachute drop over Normandy on the 75th Anniversary.
    Pages: 230  Size: 210x155mm 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - May   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Military history : Second World War
    List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 146
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    Title: Luftwaffe Pilots In World War II
    Sub-title: The Veterans' Stories Volume 1
    By (author): Christer Bergstrom
    ISBN10-13: 9188441547 : 9789188441546
    What was it like to be a pilot in Hitler’s Luftwaffe during World War II? In this book, the veterans themselves provide the answer. Christer Bergström enjoys a reputation as one of the greatest experts on Luftwaffe during World War II. During over 40 years of research, he has visited and made interviews with hundreds of Luftwaffe pilot veterans. Here he recounts what the veterans themselves told him – often things that don’t usually appear in ordinary books about the war. The book is richly illustrated with, among other things, never before published photos from the veterans’ private photo albums.
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - November   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Military history : Second World War : Military aircraft
    List Price: 29.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 195
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    Title: No Remorse
    Sub-title: Gustaf Ekström – The SS volunteer who founded the Sweden Democrats
    By (author): Johan Ulvenlov, Matti Palm, Anders Larsson
    ISBN10-13: 9188441466 : 9789188441461
    Based on an extensive research in primary sources, this book shows the straight line from the Swedish extreme right party the Sweden Democrats and directly back to the Nazi Holocaust. Based on a basic and many years of research in German and Swedish archives, here is presented the true story of the Nazi and the SS soldier who participated and founded the Swedish Democrats! Gustaf Ekström was the SS volunteer who founded the Sweden Democrats. His biography is quite revealing not only for the Sweden Democrats, but for all similar parties in Europe and the United States with which the Sweden Democrats upholds quite connections.
    Pages: 336  Size: 216x140mm  Illustrations: b/w & colour illus 
    PublishedVaktel Forlag - June   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Politics & government : Sweden
    List Price: 23.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 395
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