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Position Ranking: 1
Babies Love: First Words   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Introduce your baby or toddler to ten first words, including dog, ball, bug, cat, and more in this adorable lift-a-flap board book. Simple sentences reinforce future language structure while grasping and lifting the sturdy flaps helps develop fine motor skills. A perfect first book! Welcome to the world little one! Come explore our First Words Lift-a-Flap board book filled with surprises
  • Perfectly sized for little hands and fingers to open and close the flaps. 6 chunky and sturdy flaps are extra strong so your little one can open and close again and again
  • Surprise and delight baby with bright artwork and special treats under each flap
  • Collect all the books in the Babies Love series. From colours and animals, to first words and numbers, the Babies Love Chunky Lift-a-Flap series is a great introduction to learning to read with cheerful, contemporary and whimsical illustrations and sturdy, easy-to-lift flaps
Pages: 12 Size: 130x130mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: January  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Early learning: first word books
List Price: 5.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680525026 : 9781680525021
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 34384
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Position Ranking: 2
Old MacDonald Had a Farm   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Wiggle the cute cow puppet as you act out the classic nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had A Farm! Old MacDonald and the animals on his farm features a fun finger puppet toy built into the sturdy, colourful board book, encouraging interactive play, hand-eye coordination, and language development in your little one.
  • Babies and toddlers learn best when they are playing, especially when their grown-ups share in the fun!
  • This read along rhyming story entertains while teaching language patterns
  • The adorable cow finger puppet encourages interactive play between babies, toddlers and their grown-ups
  • Soft plush and a read along nursery rhyme combine to provide both tactile and verbal learning opportunities
  • Practice hand-eye coordination while enjoying together time
  • A great gift, collect the entire series in the Finger Puppet Collection!
Pages: 12 Size: 110x110mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: January  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Early learning: rhyming & wordplay books
List Price: 4.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680525581 : 9781680525588
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
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Position Ranking: 3
Dig!   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Meet the busy painters, plumbers and electricians in this interactive lift the flap sturdy board book. Explore the features:
  • Babies and toddlers will love exploring every construction site themed page filled with fun facts, new vocabulary words and surprises found under sturdy lift-a-flaps while learning all about different construction sites along the way!
  • Peek and explore to find trucks, diggers, ships, cranes, concrete mixers, excavators and bulldozers
  • Durable pages and chunky flaps are perfect for little exploring hands, which also help strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • A lively, educational introduction designed to entertain and engage curious little readers. A must for little busy builders!
  • 12 chunky flaps with peek-through holes easy for little hands to open and close
  • Sturdy board pages for little exploring hands to read over and over again.Flip the flap up and down to discover tools and trades people.
  • Packed with fun educational building facts, pictures and peek-a-boo surprises!
  • Lifting flaps encourage the use of fine motor skills and the content-rich text builds vocabulary
  • Playful illustrations perfect for keeping toddlers and preschoolers entertained and engaged
Collect the entire Peek-a-Flap Board Book series! Little ones will love these books!
Pages: 12 Size: 130x130mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: November  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Early learning: things that go
List Price: 6.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 168052299X : 9781680522990
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1938
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Position Ranking: 4
This Little Piggy   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Wiggle the adorable piggy puppet as you act out this well-loved nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy! This classic nursery rhyme about five little pigs and their very busy day features a fun finger puppet toy built into the sturdy, colourful board book. Encourages interactive play, hand-eye coordination, and language development in your little one. Babies and toddlers learn best when they are playing, especially when their grown-ups share in the activity!
  • This rhyming story entertains while teaching language patterns
  • The cute piggy finger puppet encourages interactive learning play between babies, toddlers and their grown-ups
  • Soft plush and a rhyming story combine to provide both tactile, sensory and verbal learning opportunities
  • Practice hand-eye coordination while enjoying together time
  • A great gift, collect the entire series in the Finger Puppet Collection!
Pages: 12 Size: 110x110mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: January  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Farm animals (Children's / Teenage)
List Price: 4.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680525573 : 9781680525571
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 3726
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Position Ranking: 5
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life   Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg  
2,000,000 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE; TRANSLATED IN MORE THAN 35 LANGUAGES What is Violent Communication? If "violent" means acting in ways that result in hurt or harm, then much of how we communicate —judging others, bullying, having racial bias, blaming, finger pointing, discriminating, speaking without listening, criticizing others or ourselves, name-calling, reacting when angry, using political rhetoric, being defensive or judging who's "good/bad" or what's "right/wrong" with people— could indeed be called "violent communication." What is Nonviolent Communication? Nonviolent Communication is the integration of four things: ; Consciousness: a set of principles that support living a life of compassion, collaboration, courage, and authenticity ; Language: understanding how words contribute to connection or distance ; Communication: knowing how to ask for what we want, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions that work for all ; Means of influence: sharing "power with others" rather than using "power over others" Nonviolent Communication serves our desire to do three things: ; Increase our ability to live with choice, meaning, and connection ; Connect empathically with self and others to have more satisfying relationships ; Sharing of resources so everyone is able to benefit
Pages: 264 Size: 228.6x152.4mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherPuddle Dancer Press
Published: September  2015 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Social, group or collective psychology : Memory improvement & thinking techniques
List Price: 18.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 189200528X : 9781892005281
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 101
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Position Ranking: 6
Moo   Author: Jaye Garnett  
Oink, oink! Moo! Meet all the friendly animals on the farm in this interactive lift the flap sturdy board book. Explore the features:
  • Little ones will love exploring every farm-themed page filled with fun facts, new vocabulary words, and surprises found under sturdy lift-a-flaps while learning all about farmyard animals and their habitats along the way!
  • Let’s go to my farm and meet chickens, cows, ducks, roosters, horses, pigs, llamas, fish and more while touring the barn, pasture, field, and pond!
  • Durable pages and chunky flaps are perfect for little exploring hands, which also help strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • A lively, educational first farm introduction designed to entertain and engage curious little readers. A must for little animal lovers!
  • 12 chunky flaps with peek-through holes easy for little hands to open and close
  • Sturdy board pages for little exploring hands to read over and over again. Flip the flap up and down to discover new animals.
  • Packed with fun animal and agricultural facts and peek-a-boo surprises!
  • Lifting flaps encourage the use of fine motor skills and the content-rich text builds vocabulary
  • Playful illustrations perfect for keeping toddlers and preschoolers entertained and engaged
Collect the entire Peek-a-Flap Board Book series! Little ones will love these books!
Pages: 12 Size: 180x180mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: January  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Farm animals (Children's / Teenage)
List Price: 6.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680526138 : 9781680526134
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2279
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Position Ranking: 7
Golf Rules Quick Reference 2019   Author: Yves C Ton-That  
As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years. Golf Rules Quick Reference gives you a clear overview of all the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures. The handy, water-repellent rules guide is the world’s best-selling golf book – multi-award winning, recommended by golf associations and more than 1.5 million copies sold. It answers virtually every rules question in a matter of seconds. As each rules case is illustrated, the player can identify the correct way to proceed at a glance. The rules are explained in easy-to-understand language on the basis of specific golfing situations. Furthermore, the book is divided into sections by means of index tabs that correspond to an actual round of golf: Tee, Fairway & rough, Bunker, Penalty area etc. To sum it up, it is a must in every golf bag.
Pages: 52 Size: 150x105mm Illustrations: 180+ colour illus  More from this PublisherArtigo Publishing Int'l
Published: July  2018 Format: Spiral
Subjects: Golf
List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 3906852156 : 9783906852157
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 897
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Position Ranking: 8
Baby Shark   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Wiggle the shark puppet, sing and giggle along with baby shark, your little puppet shark friend as you sing our new take on this catchy tune. Explore with the little shark as he goes about his very big day, and see what kinds of sharks we can be, from silly to sleepy, from hungry to happy! This fun take on the popular song features a fun finger puppet toy built into the book, encouraging interactive play, hand-eye coordination, and language development in your little one. Babies and toddlers learn best when they are playing, especially when their grown-ups are in on the fun!
  • This sing-a-long sturdy board book entertains while teaching language patterns
  • The adorable shark finger puppet encourages interactive activity between little ones and their grownups
  • Soft plush and a sing-a-long combine to provide both tactile and verbal learning opportunities
  • Practice hand-eye coordination while enjoying together time
  • Great gift for the little shark lovers in your life!
  • Collect the entire series in the Finger Puppet Collection!
Pages: 12 Size: 110x110mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: November  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)
List Price: 4.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680527118 : 9781680527117
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 8886
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Position Ranking: 9
The Rolex Story   Author: Franz-Christoph Heel   (Edited by)
The brand with the crown is recognized worldwide as an invaluable sports implement and luxury product. In little more than one hundred years, it has become one of the most successful and innovative watch brands on the planet. Rolex manufactures more than a half a million wristwatches per year while maintaining an outstanding reputation and near-perfect quality. From the beginning, the sponsorship of statesmen, movie stars, and athletes has driven its success, but the company has expanded to include more than just the rich and famous. The Rolex Oyster became the first watch to defy the elements when, in 1927, Mercedes Gleitze wore one while she swam the English Channel. In 1933, the company patented the first automatic winding mechanism. Learn more about this history and read updated reports written about new Rolex ideas and performance tests featured in the German watch magazine Armbanduhren (Wristwatch) from the past 15 years.
Pages: 144 Size: 304x228mm Illustrations: 185 colour photos  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: July  2014 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Product design : Antique clocks, watches, musical boxes & automata
List Price: 36.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764345974 : 9780764345975
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 108
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Position Ranking: 10
Textbook of Ayurveda   Author: Vasant Lad  
In his Ayurvedic Studies Program, Vasant Lad teaches Ayurveda as a science of moment-to-moment living. Each lecture that he gives flows from his own heart in a river of healing wisdom. This textbook conveys the philosophical and fundamental principles of Ayurveda in a dynamic and inspirational way, providing a detailed foundation upon which to pursue deeper knowledge.
Pages: 334 Size: 180x255mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: December  2002 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies
List Price: 36.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725070 : 9781883725075
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 133
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Position Ranking: 11
The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle   Author: Amanda Ellis  
Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally who watches over the angelic realm and serves as a bridge to Earth. Metatron is able to help with concerns in our lives, and these stunning 55 cards and guidebook address situations, challenges, and gifts that arise throughout life.The theme and message for each card in this deck were channeled through Amanda and bring forth Metatron's energy whose time is now and will increase in importance as you travel through the years to come. On this path of self-mastery, you will explore color therapy, sacred geometry, the elements, and angelic wisdom as you learn to deepen your relationship with Metatron through readings that give a sense of enlightenment, peace, and expanded light. You will be asked to question, evolve, and grow as you take the opportunity to cast off the old you and reveal the new, emerging, empowered self—all under the umbrella of Metatron’s love, color, and light.
Pages: 128 Size: 155x230mm Illustrations: 55 arts cards  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: July  2019 Format: Mixed media
Subjects: Fortune-telling & divination : Fortune-telling by cards (cartomancy) : Spirit guides, angels & channelling
List Price: 27.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764357131 : 9780764357138
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 95
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Position Ranking: 12
Dianetics   Author: L Ron Hubbard  
Albert Einstein said: We are using only 10% of our mental potential. This book tells you how you can free a significantly larger part of your potential. Self confidence, harmonic relationships and a positive attitude towards life can absolutely be achieved. It makes Positive Thinking a reality. You can achieve your goals with more certainty if you are able to find the cause of upsets, unwanted reactions or emotions. The human mind is not a mysterious puzzle - impossible to resolve. Read and work with Dianetics, see how it works for you and make up your own mind. The book gives a clear description of what is happening in the mind and explains a practical method, enabling you to explore your own subconscious, and rid yourself of what holds you down, resulting in increased IQ and well-being. Watching the DVD called 'How to Use Dianetics' along with the book is recommended to have a visual illustration of the concepts and the practical application.
Pages: 677 Size: 235x160mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherNew Era Publications Int'l APS
Published: July  2007 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Self-help & personal development : Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice
List Price: 16.00 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 8779897711 : 9788779897717
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 229
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Position Ranking: 13
Khadija   Author: Reşit Haylamaz  
Exploring the birth period of Islam, this biography focuses on one of the most prominent and respected Muslim women in history, Khadija, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Addressing both her devotion and her leadership roles in Mecca, this book shines light on a figure who is an inspiration to women, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.
Pages: 99 Size: 140x210mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherTughra Books
Published: November  2007 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Biography: religious & spiritual : History of religion : Islam
List Price: 5.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1597841218 : 9781597841214
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
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Position Ranking: 14
Black Cross Red Star – Air War Over the Eastern Front   Author: Christer Bergstrom  
This is the direct continuation of Volume 4 in the Black Cross/Red Star series. This volume covers the air war on the Eastern Front between March/April 1943 and July 1943, with the focus on the great air battles at Kuban and Kursk.
Pages: 384 Size: 300x210mm Illustrations: illus  More from this PublisherVaktel Forlag
Published: June  2020 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Military history : Second World War
List Price: 48.73 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 9188441571 : 9789188441577
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1160
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Position Ranking: 15
The Ra Material   Author: Elkins, Rueckert, & McCarty  
Book Four of the Law of One is the last of the books in the Law of One series. Book Four explores in great detail the archetypical mind which is the framework provided by our Logos or sun body to aid each of us in the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. Tarot, astrology, and ritual magic are three paths offering the study of the archetypical mind, and in Book Four a study of that rich resource is undertaken using the tarot, also uncovered on the nature and purpose of the veil that we experience between the conscious and the unconscious minds and the process of "forgetting" that occurs during each incarnation in our third-density experience. In Book Four the path of the adept becomes more clear as Ra elucidates the adept's use of experience to balance its energy centers and penetrate the veil of forgetting.
Pages: 240 Size: 215x139mm Illustrations: illustrated  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: January  2021 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Theosophy & Anthroposophy : Spiritualism : Mind, Body, Spirit
List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 089865260X : 9780898652604
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 246
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Position Ranking: 16
Self-Management of Long-Term Health Conditions   Author: Kate Lorig & Halsted Holman & David Sobel & Diana Laurent & Virginia Gonzalez & Marian Minor  
This new edition is fully updated with the latest research and information. The book is a vital resource full of practical tips, suggestions, and strategies to build confidence in managing chronic illness and symptoms, such as fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, disability, and depression. It encourages readers to develop individual approaches to setting goals, making decisions, and finding resources and support.
Pages: 331 Size: 280x215mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherBull Publishing Co.
Published: March  2014 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Coping with illness & specific conditions
List Price: 19.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1936693623 : 9781936693627
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1383
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Position Ranking: 17
Marma Points of Ayurveda   Author: Vasant Lad & Anisha Durve  
In ancient Vedic times, marma points were called bindu -- a dot, secret dot or mystic point. Like a door or pathway, activating a marma point opens into the inner pharmacy of the body. The body is a silent, universal, biochemical laboratory -- operating every moment to interpret and transform arising events. Touching a marma point changes the body's biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one's makeup. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind and consciousness. This deep dimension of marma therapy has the potential to unfold spiritual healing.
Pages: 368 Size: 280x230mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: March  2016 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies
List Price: 45.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725194 : 9781883725198
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 15
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Position Ranking: 18
Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing   Author: Usha Lad & Vasant Lad  
A compendium of tasty and balanced Ayurvedic recipes combined with information on the Ayurvedic principles of food and diet; a comprehensive listing of foods categorized by suitability to body type as well as a chart listing the qualities of foods; a chart to determine your own constitution... and much more.
Pages: 254 Size: 155x230mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: December  1994 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies : Health & wholefood cookery
List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725054 : 9781883725051
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 39
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Position Ranking: 19
Textbook of Ayurveda   Author: Vasant Lad  
Dr Lad teaches a systematic method for identifying the causes of illness and the stages in which a disease unfolds. This paradigm of cause and effect (etiology and pathogenesis) is the key to understanding how disease can be prevented through awareness of the subtle energetic disturbances that precede structural or functional damage. Sharing from a wealth of clinical experience, Dr Lad presents principles and methods of assessment using a combination of the most helpful Ayurvedic and modern techniques.
Pages: 394 Size: 180x255mm Illustrations: b/w photos, illus & tables  More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: December  2006 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies
List Price: 45.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725119 : 9781883725112
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 4
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Position Ranking: 20
Game Changer   Author: Matthew Sadler & Natasha Regan  
It took AlphaZero only a few hours of self-learning to become the chess player that shocked the world. The artificial intelligence system AlphaZero had been fed nothing but the rules of the Royal Game when it beat the world’s strongest chess engine in a prolonged match. The selection of ten games published in December 2017 created a worldwide sensation: how was it possible to play in such a brilliant and risky style and not lose a single game against an opponent of superhuman strength? For Game Changer, Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan investigated more than two thousand previously unpublished games by AlphaZero. They also had unparalleled access to its team of developers at DeepMind and were offered a unique look ‘under the bonnet’ to grasp the depth and breadth of AlphaZero’s search. Sadler and Regan reveal its thinking process and tell the story of the human motivation and the techniques that created AlphaZero. Game Changer also presents a collection of lucidly explained chess games of astonishing quality. Both professionals and club players will improve their game by studying AlphaZero’s stunning discoveries in every field that matters: opening preparation, piece mobility, initiative, attacking techniques, long-term sacrifices and much more. The story of AlphaZero has a wider impact. Game Changer offers intriguing insights into the opportunities and horizons of Artificial Intelligence. Not just in solving games, but in providing solutions for a wide variety of challenges in society. With a Foreword by former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and an Introduction by DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.
Pages: 416 Size: 235x170mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherNew In Chess
Published: January  2019 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Artificial intelligence : Chess
List Price: 19.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 9056918184 : 9789056918187
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 190
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Position Ranking: 21
Watertight Marketing   Author: Bryony Thomas  
Are you wasting time on marketing?  The sad truth is that most businesses are. But there is an answer, and it's in this book! Even the smartest businesses can find themselves exhausted by yo-yo marketing and paralysed by the overwhelm of big ideas, big promises and the next big thing. Money and energy is wasted on running the marketing taps, whilst potential revenue pours from a very leaky bucket. Join the thousands of businesses already using the tested and trusted Watertight Marketing methodology and discover how you too can put it into action to cut through the hype, make a clear plan and take control of your marketing to:
  • create consistent routes to customers you-™ll love,
  • successfully scale your sales results, and
  • significantly and sustainably increase your profits.
This is the book that actually delivers what so many others promise. You-™ll discover inspiring true stories of businesses like yours that have doubled, tripled and even 10x revenue and profit. And, just like them, you-™ll unlock the proven and powerful toolkit that builds an enduring process that will deliver profitable results, year after year. 20% of all royalties will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK
Pages: 368 Size: 233x156mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherHuman Business Thinking
Published: March  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Management & management techniques : Sales & marketing
List Price: 18.50 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1913474003 : 9781913474003
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 369
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 22
Leathercraft   Author: Nigel Armitage  
In this modern age of technology and speed, what is taught in master crafter Nigel Armitage's renowned workshop follows a very traditional and timeless theme. Here, for the first time, he offers a learning resource and projects for leathercrafters who believe that high quality matters, in how you make things and in the finished results. Enjoy learning the time-tested approach as Armitage helps you learn traditional techniques and projects that use them in modern ways. From beginner projects like a simple card holder, to intermediate projects like a belt, to advanced projects like a round-bottom bag, each project, while modern in terms of using new tools and materials, is still very much seated in the foundations of the craft. Yes, a laced leather bag is quick to make and looks nice but will not last. A traditional saddle-stitched bag becomes an heirloom because, if looked after, its longevity will span generations. If you appreciate the latter, then this book will meet your expectations and take your leather creations further than you might think possible.
Pages: 176 Size: 230x230mm Illustrations: 200 colour photos & b/w pattern diagrams  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: December  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
List Price: 25.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764360396 : 9780764360398
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 350
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 23
Tales from the Folly   Author: Ben Aaronovitch  
Return to the world of Rivers of London in this first short story collection from #1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Ben Aaronovitch. Tales from the Folly is a carefully curated collection that gathers together previously published stories and brand-new tales in the same place for the first time. Each tale features a new introduction from the author, filled with insight and anecdote offering the reader a deeper exploration into this absorbing fictional world. This is a must read for any Rivers of London fan. Join Peter, Nightingale, Abigail, Agent Reynolds and Tobias Winter for a series of perfectly portioned tales. Discover what’s haunting a lonely motorway service station, who still wanders the shelves of a popular London bookshop, and what exactly happened to the River Lugg With an introduction from internationally bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris. This collection includes: The Home Crowd Advantage; The Domestic; The Cockpit; The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Granny; King of The Rats; A Rare Book of Cunning; Device; A Dedicated Follower of Fashion; Favourite Uncle; Vanessa Sommer’s Other Christmas List; Three Rivers, Two Husbands and a Baby; Moments One. Discover why this incredible series has sold over two million copies around the world. If you’re a fan of Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams -- don't panic -- you will love Ben Aaronovitch.
Pages: 238 Size: 215x140mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherJABberwocky Literary Agency
Published: November  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Fantasy
List Price: 12.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1625675097 : 9781625675095
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 24
Whiskers & Tails   Author: Cottage Door Press  
Travel to different terrains and under the sea in this lively, interactive animal Flip-a-Flap board book! From the lush jungle landscape to the open countryside farm, every page introduces a new animal scene and activity that actively encourages language development and early learning concepts. Little ones will love being introduced to the adorable animals displayed on every page!
  • Bright, bold artwork and tons of surprises to engage and entertain your child.
  • Flip-a-Flap books allow for an interactive experience where babies and toddlers can explore by holding the book, turning the page, and pointing out the action that helps develop fine motor skills and early learning concepts.
  • Sturdy board pages for little exploring hands to read over and over again!
  • Lift the flaps to find activities including searching, matching, counting, colours, comparing, animal sounds and more!
  • Say hello to the animals, can you name the sea creatures? How many birds can you spot? Which animals are living on the farm? Who is in the forest?
  • Take-along handle for little hands to carry wherever they go!
  • Flip-a-Flap books are full of fun stuff, a perfect gift for your animal-loving enthusiast!
Pages: 12 Size: 215x205mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherCottage Door Press
Published: January  2019 Format: Boardbook
Subjects: Interactive & activity books & packs : Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)
List Price: 6.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1680526154 : 9781680526158
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 7206
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Position Ranking: 25
Missing Link, The   Author: Sydney Banks  
This book illuminates and creates an appreciation for the mystical link between the psychological and spiritual nature of life. It reveals a simplicity beneath the complex workings of the mind and the principles behind the creation of our life experience.
Pages: 156 Size: 209.55x133.35x16mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherLone Pine Publishing
Published: September  2016 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Philosophy of mind : Mental health services : Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
List Price: 14.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1772130176 : 9781772130171
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 26
Destination Earth   Author: Nicos Hadjicostis  
Travel is the departure from one’s little pond. It is the bold renouncement of the petty comforts that hold us prisoner. It is a movement away from the known towards the unknown and unimaginable. Travel is expansion, widening, opening-up. After years as a media executive, Nicos Hadjicostis abandoned the business world and set his sights on a larger and more fulfilling goal: to explore our planet as if it were one huge country, a single destination. Starting from New York and traveling west for six-and-a-half-years, the author visited six continents and seventy countries delving deep into their peoples, cultures and natural wonders. Destination Earth is the result of this life-transforming journey. While many travelers today concern themselves with destinations solely for amusement, relaxation, and entertainment, the author proposes a more meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling way of viewing Travel and its relation to Life. Enriched with travel incidents and some of the author’s best travel photos, Destination Earth sheds light on both Travel and Life. Ideas and experiences are interwoven into a newly created Philosophy of Travel that is practical and easy to read. *January 2019 Now in a new edition!*
Pages: 184 Size: 260x180mm Illustrations: colour photos  More from this PublisherBamboo Leaf Press
Published: December  2016 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Travel writing
List Price: 17.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0997414804 : 9780997414806
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 577
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 27
Black Cross Red Star -- Air War Over the Eastern Front   Author: Christer Bergstrom  
Regarded as the standard work on the air war over the Eastern Front during World War II, Christer Bergström’s unique Black Cross/Red Star series covers the history of the air war on the Eastern Front in close detail, with the perspectives of both sides. Based on a close study of German and Russian archive material, as well as interviews with a large number of the airmen who participated in this aerial conflict, it has established itself as the main source on the air war on the Eastern Front. Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 4 will cover the air war along the entire Eastern Front during the period winter 1942/1943 through the spring of 1943, in great detail, with a balance between German and Soviet archive sources etc., and with many first-hand accounts. It will be of the same size as the other volumes, and it will also contain aircraft colour profiles.
Pages: 360 Size: 300x210mm Illustrations: colour illus & maps  More from this PublisherVaktel Forlag
Published: September  2019 Format: Hardback
Subjects: European history : Second World War : Air forces & warfare
List Price: 48.73 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 9188441210 : 9789188441218
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 105
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 28
Welcome to Weaving   Author: Lindsey Campbell  
Designed for modern makers looking for a book that will continue to inspire them as their skill grows. Lindsey Campbell, the weaver behind the popular blog and brand Hello Hydrangea, teaches more than 30 techniques plus 17 stylish projects for beginners to intermediate-level weavers. With 400+ detailed photos, Campbell offers just the right blend of learning, encouragement, and great weaving results. An easy tutorial helps you make your own loom that can be used to complete each project. Learn basic terms and skills for beginner weavers, such as warp and weft, and how to keep your sides straight. Sections on intermediate techniques and concepts, such as patterns and how to add embellishments, give you room to grow your skills. Weave 17 projects meant to inspire ongoing creativity, from simple practice tapestries to woven projects such as a necklace and (yes) a chandelier.
Pages: 160 Size: 254x177mm Illustrations: 718 colour illus  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: January  2019 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Needlework & fabric crafts : Spinning & weaving
List Price: 22.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764356313 : 9780764356315
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 29
Disrupted Realism   Author: John Seed  
Disrupted Realism is the first book to survey the works of contemporary painters who are challenging and reshaping the tradition of Realism. Helping art lovers, collectors, and artists approach and understand this compelling new phenomenon, it includes the works of 38 artists whose paintings respond to the subjectivity and disruptions of modern experience. Widely published author and blogger John Seed, who believes that we are “the most distracted society in the history of the world,” has selected artists he sees as visionaries in this developing movement. The artists’ impulses toward disruption are as individual as the artists themselves, but all share the need to include perception and emotion in their artistic process. Six sections lay out and analyze common themes: "Toward Abstraction," "Disrupted Bodies," "Emotions and Identities," "Myths and Visions," "Patterns, Planes, and Formations," and "Between Painting and Photography." Interviews with each artist offer additional insight into some of the most incisive and relevant painting being created today.
Pages: 208 Size: 304x228x23mm Illustrations: 192 colour photos  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: September  2019 Format: Hardback
Subjects: History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -
List Price: 45.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764358014 : 9780764358012
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 185
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 30
Lake of Urine   Author: Guillermo Stitch  
Once upon a time that doesn’t make a blind bit of sense, in a place that seems awfully familiar but definitely doesn’t exist, Willem Seiler’s obsession with measuring his world -- with wrapping it up in his beloved string to keep the madness out -- wreaks havoc on the Wakeling family. Noranbole Wakeling, living in the scrub and toil of the pantry and in the shadow of her much wooed and cosseted sister, is worshipped by the madman Seiler but overlooked by everyone else. As lives are lost to Seiler’s vanity, she spots her chance to break free of the fetters that tie her to Tiny Village, and bolts. But some cords are never really cut. In her absence, the unravelling of the world she has escaped is complete, and another madness -- her mother’s -- reaches out to entangle her newfound Big City freedom. The unpicked quilt-work of a life in ruins threatens to ruin her own, and it will be up to Noranbole to stitch it all together. Dark and funny in equal measure, Lake of Urine is a sui generis romp through every fairy-tale convention and literary trope you can think of, including the wicked stepmother, the fairy godmother, Pinocchio, an enchanted penis, the goose that laid the golden egg, binary code, marmalade art and alcoholic meat snacks you can drink. It is also a merciless takedown of self and self-importance, satirising a society that exalts the inane, drowns out the sane and eschews the divine for the profane, and a lament for the dreadful weight of our own origins, for the heartbreaking impossibility of absolute reinvention, and the heartening tug of the ties that bind us.
Pages: 214 Size: 230x155mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherSagging Meniscus Press
Published: February  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
List Price: 12.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1944697942 : 9781944697945
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 37
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 31
Bushcraft   Author: Mors Kochanski  
Longtime wilderness educator Mors Kochanski has dedicated his life to learning and teaching about the lore of the forest. With clear instructions, extensive use of diagrams and a color photo supplement, this comprehensive reference includes all the practical skills and knowledge essential for you to survive and enjoy the wilderness: * Lighting and maintaining a fire * Chopping wood and felling a tree * Creating a shelter and keeping warm * Safe use of the axe and bush knife * Plants and animals important for survival * Food, water and outdoor cooking * Wilderness first aid. * This bestseller should be required reading for hikers, campers, hunters, foresters, backwoods adventurers, scouts, youth groups--anyone with a passion for the outdoors.
Pages: 304 Size: 215.9x139.7x17.46mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherLone Pine Publishing
Published: March  2016 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Sports & outdoor recreation
List Price: 15.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1772130079 : 9781772130072
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 32
Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain   Author: Sandra LeFort & Lisa Webster & Kate Lorig & Halsted Holman & David Sobel & Diana Laurent & Virginia  
Book & CD. Chronic pain includes many types of conditions from a variety of causes. Despite these differences, all readers of this book have one very important thing in common -- you are living with pain every day. To help you discover strategies and skills that will make a difference, this book emphasises four concepts: Each person with chronic pain is unique. There is no one treatment or approach that is right for everybody; There are a number of things you can do to feel better. These things will not eliminate pain, but they will help you to better manage pain, and help you to become more active and more involved in life. With knowledge and experimentation, you are the best judge of which self-management tools and techniques are best for you. The responsibility for managing your chronic pain day-to-day rests with you, not anybody else. Many people can be of help to you -- your family and friends, your health care team. But, in the end, the responsibility for self-management is yours. Acknowledging that overcoming chronic pain is a daily challenge, this book provides you with the self-management tools to help you meet that challenge. Includes a Moving Easy Program CD, a set of easy-to-follow exercises that can be performed at home.
Pages: 360 Size: 280x210mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherBull Publishing Co.
Published: December  2016 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Pain & pain management : Popular medicine & health
List Price: 24.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1936693771 : 9781936693771
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 193
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 33
Kumihimo Endings   Author: Pru McRae  
Find the perfect finish for your kumihimo. In Pru McRae's second book she brings together the experience of many years of kumihimo braiding to offer a comprehensive range of ending methods for braids to ensure that the ends are finished neatly and securely. Beautiful braids deserve expert finishing and if you find this part of the process a challenge, Pru's clear instructions and innovative ideas will be the solution. If you have a drawer full of unfinished braids, this is the book for you. In Kumihimo Endings: The finishing touch for every braid the techniques are divided into six categories. Each category includes a range of different methods, which can be mixed and matched to create a wealth of diverse endings for kumihimo. So you are sure to be able to find the perfect way to turn your braid into a fabulous piece of jewellery. Inside this book you will find:
  • The key techniques required for every type of ending
  • How to attach an end with glue or wire
  • Seven variations of a button fastening
  • How to use loops of braid to create a fastening
  • How to use the loose cords to make attractive tassels
Pages: 80 Size: 160x160mm Illustrations: ,  More from this PublisherPrumihimo Publishing
Published: September  2018 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts : Jewellery & beadcraft
List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1916413005 : 9781916413009
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 433
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Position Ranking: 34
Visual Magick   Author: Jan Fries  
This is a manual of freestyle shamanism. The book aims to develop vision and imagination. It builds on the inspiration of such figures as Austin Spare and Aleister Crowley and stresses the need to develop one's unique magical way. It shows how magicians, witches, artists and therapists can improve their visionary abilities and strengthen the imagination. Activate the inner sense, and discover new modes of trance awareness. The emphasis is on direct experience. The book asks the reader to think, act, do and enjoy as s/he wills. The book began as a small treatise on sigil magick and automatic drawing and was circulated privately amongst occultists. It is especially suitable for practising mind explorers of the unorthodox variety. Both beginners and experienced magicians will find it inspirational and insightful. Jan Fries has a reputation amongst the magical community as a genuine adept. His articles and luminous artwork have graced many of the best magical journals.
Pages: 188 Size: 145x210mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherMandrake of Oxford
Published: May  2000 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Spirituality & religious experience : Magic, alchemy & hermetic thought : Magic, spells & alchemy
List Price: 14.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1869928571 : 9781869928575
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 47
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 35
Aisha   Author: Reşit Haylamaz  
This book portrays one of the most significant personalities in the history of Islam. Taking the misunderstandings and defamation about her into consideration, Aisha needs to be understood correctly. This study by Dr Resit Haylamaz, an expert on the life of the Prophet and his leading Companions, reflects her life in various aspects based on reliable reports. The book clarifies her critical role at establishing the Islamic teaching, with particular reference to her role in the transmission of private matters concerning women and marital relations, as well as recording the authentic sayings of the Prophet. As her sensitivity at practising religion is related in a rich variety of examples, much disputed issues like her marriage age and her stance about Ali ibn Abi Talib are covered as separate topics.
Pages: 224 Size: 225x150mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherTughra Books
Published: January  2012 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Autobiography: religious & spiritual
List Price: 9.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1597842664 : 9781597842662
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 36
Transgender Body Politics   Author: Heather Brunskell-Evans  
Transgenderism in the twenty-first century is patriarchy emblazoned in imperial form. At a time when supposedly enlightened attitudes are championed by the mainstream, philosopher and activist Heather Brunskell-Evans shows how, in plain view under the guise of liberalism, a regressive men’s rights movement is posing a massive threat to the human rights of women and children everywhere. This movement is transgender politics which, while spouting platitudes about equality, is in reality colonising and erasing the bodies, agency and autonomy of women and children, while asserting men’s rights to bodily intrusion into every social and personal space. The transgender agenda redefines diversity and inclusion utilising the language of victimhood. In a complete reversal of feminist gender critical analyses, sex and gender are redefined: identity is now called ‘innate’ (a ‘feeling’ located somewhere in the body) and biological sex is said to be socially constructed (and hence changeable). This ensures a lifetime of drug dependency for transitioners, thereby delivering vast profits for Big Pharma in a capitalist dream. Everyone, including every trans person, has the right to live freely without discrimination. But the transgender movement has been hijacked by misogynists who are appropriating and inverting the struggles of feminism to deliver an agenda devoid of feminist principles. In a chilling twist, when feminists critique the patriarchal status quo it is now they who are alleged to be extremists for not allowing men’s interests to control the political narrative. Institutions whose purpose is to defend human rights now interpret truth speech as hate speech, and endorse the no-platforming of women as ethical. This brave, truthful and eye-opening book does not shirk from the challenge of meeting the politics of liberalism and transgender rights head on. Everyone who cares about the future of women’s and children’s rights must read it. The micro-politics and the macro-politics of identity interact to form one of the most misogynistic expressions of patriarchy in recent times under the guise of equality, diversity and inclusion.
Pages: 130 Size: 180x135mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherSpinifex Press
Published: September  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Gender studies: transsexuals & hermaphroditism
List Price: 12.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1925950220 : 9781925950229
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 116
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Position Ranking: 37
The Apophenion   Author: Peter J Carroll  
Apophenion attacks most of the great questions of being, freewill, consciousness, meaning, the nature of mind, and humanity's place in the cosmos, from a magical perspective. Some of the conclusions seem to challenge many of the deeply held assumptions that our culture has taught us, so brace yourself for the paradigm crash and look for the jewels revealed in the wreckage. This book contains something to offend everyone; enough science to upset the magicians, enough magic to upset the scientists, and enough blasphemy to upset most trancendentalists.
Pages: 164 Size: 140x215mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherMandrake of Oxford
Published: August  2008 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Magic, spells & alchemy
List Price: 12.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1869928652 : 9781869928650
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 18
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 38
Organic Embroidery   Author: Meredith Woolnough  
Renowned textile artist Meredith Woolnough creates replicas of nature using a delicate system of tiny stitches. Her artwork is breathtaking, and now for the first time Woolnough offers crafters and fiber artists a lesson in how to use the "organic embroidery" technique. Look behind the scenes of her art process, from the initial fieldwork sketching and research that inspires her designs, to the production of her ethereal embroidered sculptures. She guides you through 12 creativity-prompting activities to help you begin your own mastery of this method. As you learn to find your desired shape or pattern in nature, from sources like leaves, shells, or coral, then use your sewing machine to turn it into openwork art, you'll also enjoy dozens of inspirational photos of Woolnough's own art pieces. Woolnough's instructions offer simple but highly versatile techniques, and allow you space for your own creative approach.
Pages: 176 Size: 228x228mm Illustrations: 170 colour photos  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: September  2018 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Embroidery crafts
List Price: 22.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764356135 : 9780764356131
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 18
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 39
This Medical Life   Author: James Owen Drife  
"Unparalleled in British medical history James Owen Drife charted his reactions to the medical world in which he worked and published them, initially in World Medicine and then the British Medical Journal (BMJ). This book is sometimes painfully frank, at other times disturbing or very funny but always entertaining. It provides an important insight on the life and times of a doctor working in the NHS."
Pages: 320 Size: 202x143mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherClinical Press
Published: June  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Biography: general : Medicine : Medical profession : Humour collections & anthologies : United Kingdom, Great Britain
List Price: 12.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1854570978 : 9781854570970
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 36
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 40
Secrets of the Pulse   Author: Vasant Lad  
Showing the principles and application of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, this book springs from the ancient Vedic traditions as taught to Vasant Lad from guru to disciple, as well as his own clinical experiences and practice over the last 30 years. It provides a method by which anyone can learn to read his or her own pulse.
Pages: 171 Size: 180x260mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: December  1996 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies
List Price: 18.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725135 : 9781883725136
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 29
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 41
The Intentional Thread   Author: Susan Brandeis  
Communicate your ideas using line, shape, color, and texture with this reference and how-to exploration in one. Whether your particular interest is pictorial, portraiture, abstract compositions, or actual text, you can “say” almost anything with thread. More than 350 color photographs translate the techniques of drawing, painting, and good composition into the world of stitch, and “Try This!” projects inspire your own individual approaches. Including the role of machine stitching, this design resource, learning tool, and inspirational reference helps practitioners at all levels, whether beginning student, dedicated amateur, or professional. Take a lyrical—but logical—journey of skill building, and begin to stitch intentionally and express your creative vision.
Pages: 224 Size: 279x215mm Illustrations: 350+ colour photos  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: July  2019 Format: Hardback
Subjects: Embroidery crafts
List Price: 36.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764357433 : 9780764357435
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 165
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 42
Gunshots & Goalposts   Author: Benjamin Roberts  
Protestant v Catholic, Unionist v Nationalist, East v West, their team against my team. This is the story of Northern Irish football and so much more: the tournaments, the near misses, the unsung heroes and unlikely tales of triumph amid adversity. George Best, David Healy, Peter Doherty and all the big names throughout the eras are traced to their roots 'back home' as Roberts shines a light on the human dimension to some of Ulster's most famous ninety-minute sons. Exploring sectarianism, shipbuilding and sliding tackles, Roberts has finally provided a definitive account of the beautiful game in this often troubled land.
Pages: 288 Size: 190x130mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherAvenue Books
Published: September  2017 Format: Paperback
Subjects: British & Irish history : Football (Soccer, Association football) : Northern Ireland
List Price: 9.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1905575114 : 9781905575114
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 19
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 43
Manchester Musical History Tour   Author: Phill Gatenby & Craig Gill  
From the late 1950's, Mancunians have had a passion for creating and following great music. Be it live or via recordings, the city centre has been a magnet for generations of locals -- and in recent years music fans from all over the country and beyond -- to enjoy. Whilst cities such as Liverpool and Memphis turned their musical heritage into a tourist attractions, Manchester kept looking forward, developing new scenes and tastes. Yet the 2002 film 'Twenty-Four Hour Party People' was probably the point at which Manchester music fans started to look back at the rich musical history of their city. This coincided with the publication of the book "Morrissey's Manchester" by Phill Gatenby, also in 2002 and numerous other publications penned by luminaries of the Manchester scene. Following the success of Morrissey's Manchester, a guide book dedicated to locations associated with The Smiths, author Phill Gatenby has put together several tours featuring other world famous Manchester bands from the Buzzcocks via Joy Division to Oasis, Elbow and Doves as well as the various scenes from beat to acid house or even lo-fi. An interesting guide for anyone with an interest in British music, the guide documents the various clubs and venues that have influenced Manchester based musicians over the last 50 years.
Pages: 160 Size: 180x110mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherEmpire Publications
Published: February  2011 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Rock & Pop music : Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside
List Price: 7.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1901746712 : 9781901746716
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 94
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Position Ranking: 44
Oracle of the Radiant Sun   Author: Caroline Smith & John Astrop  
The powerful orb of the life-giving Sun has been worshiped from time immemorial. Its regular passage across the sky was used by the ancients to predict events, and this became the astrology we know today. Now, with 84 beautifully illustrated symbolic cards and comprehensive guidebook, you too can follow the Sun’s path across the heavens and use its light to help guide your life. This oracle has seven suits, with each representing a significant planet as it moves through the astrological zodiac. Discover the meanings of the planets in the twelve astrological houses and zodiac signs, apply quick-and-easy reading methods for a range of consultation levels, and even receive a year-long astrological forecast. By shuffling the deck and selecting cards, you will find guidance on any question! This fun-to-use system will shed light on all your life issues in an accurate and perceptive way.
Pages: 144 Size: 140x185mm Illustrations: 84 artcards  More from this PublisherSchiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: February  2019 Format: Mixed media
Subjects: Fortune-telling & divination : Astrology
List Price: 27.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0764357158 : 9780764357152
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 44
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 45
Celebrity Service   Author: Geoff Ramm  
Inside this book you will find the answers to set you, your team and your business apart in your industry. From the cabin crew member who gives away prizes, to the restaurant in downtown Philadelphia with knockout entertainments, you-™ll see how service will always lead to the sale. You-™ll find out why 5-star service should be outlawed and why one Paralympian continues to inspire the next generation. You-™ll discover what to do when you can-™t deliver on your promise and how to offer superb service - even when you-™re closed! Geoff will reveal the philosophy, the stories and the award-winning results which have led companies across six continents to out-perform their competitors.
Pages: 160 Size: 149x129mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherSRA Books
Published: July  2018 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Customer services
List Price: 12.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1912300184 : 9781912300181
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 46
All Round Guide to the Isle of Man 2020/21   Author: Sara Donaldson & Miles Cowsill  
This is Lily Publications best-selling title and covers all you want to know about visiting and exploring the Isle of Man. A-Z gazetteer of towns and villages, car tours, street plans and places to visit and places to eat.
Pages: 224 Size: 185x120mm Illustrations: illus  More from this PublisherLily Publications Ltd (UK)
Published: February  2020 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Travel & holiday guides : Isle of Man
List Price: 5.95 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1911177583 : 9781911177586
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 183
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 47
Meridiens & the Five Elements -- A2   Author: Jan van Baarle  
Full-colour laminated poster. Text in English, French, Dutch & German. A beautiful and colourful representation of the meridians on the human body. The meridians are shown from the front, the back and the side, in different colours according to their corresponding element. The points for the elements on the hands, arms, feet and legs are also indicated, as well as the accumulation points, lo points, source points
Pages: 1 Size: 610x430mm Illustrations: colour illus  More from this PublisherJan Van Baarle
Published: July  2008 Format: Poster
Subjects: Chinese medicine & acupuncture
List Price: 12.92 Pounds Sterling (Excluding VAT)  ISBN10-13: 9070281325 : 9789070281328
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 18
Image not yet available
Position Ranking: 48
Applied Marma Therapy Cards   Author: Vasant Lad  
Based on Dr Lad's 40 years Ayurvedic clinical and classroom experience, this 30 card set is sourced from his popular Marma Therapy seminars. Each full colour flash card has a larger illustration with the name of the point and its location, for practice. The other side of the card has a more detailed illustration with the therapeutic applications of each point listed, for study. Contents: 23 anatomical cards with marma points; Healing through Energy Points; Emotions, the Organs, and Marma Points; Chakra Breathing and Sounds; Meditation for Self-Healing: So Hum; Empty Bowl Meditation; Guidelines for Touch and Pressure; Applying Essential Oils & Oil Selection. According to Dosha Included in the set are two meditations that Vasant Lad highly recommends. Additionally, instructions on sound therapy that balances the marma points according to the chakras is provided. Marma points useful for emotional healing are outlined as well as the proper essential oils for healing the doshas-vata, pitta, kapha-through marma point therapy. Flash cards are printed on a 16 point cardstock and coated with a UV protective coating, making them quite durable.
Pages: 60 Size: 195x135mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherAyurvedic Press
Published: August  2014 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Ayurvedic therapies
List Price: 27.99 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1883725186 : 9781883725181
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
Image not yet available
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UBUNTU Contributionism   Author: Michael Tellinger  
The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years -- all controlled by money. Michael Tellinger has come full circle since his epic Slave Species of god in 2006, by proposing a blueprint for the emancipation of the slave species called humanity. The world, and everything in it, has been incorporated, including every single human being, without their knowledge. But how do we use the knowledge of the past effectively, to benefit all of humanity into the future? Tellinger redefines the previously misunderstood origins of money and the rise of the royal banking elite, that have controlled the world for millennia, and who continue to do so today through the modern banking families. He points out that money did not evolve from thousands of years of barter and trade, but that it was maliciously introduced to the human race as a tool of absolute control and enslavement. Tellinger makes a strong case, that if we do not understand our human origins, we cannot come to terms with why the world is so utterly confusing and messed up in the 21st century. He demonstrates that our current situation presents us with a unique opportunity to change the course of our destiny. Michael Tellinger describes how the ancient African philosophy of UBUNTU will allow us to seamlessly move from a divided, money-driven society, to prosper in united communities driven by people, their God-given talents and their passion for life. Coming to terms with our enslavement as a species by the global financial system, is critical to discovering the path to full enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism presents a solid foundation for a new social structure to take us into a new era of true freedom from financial tyranny, towards real prosperity on every level of human endeavour. Since 2010, Michael Tellinger and a small group of brave individuals, have spearheaded the civil defence against the fraudulent activities of the South African banks. Over a period of three years, during which they defended themselves at great personal loss and cost, against the most seasoned lawyers money can buy, Tellinger and friends successfully uncovered the criminal activity of the "banksters", how they hide behind their legal watch dogs and the infinitely complex legal system. He uncovered how they manipulate the justice system for their continued benefit and how they get away with crimes against humanity, destroying millions of people's lives in the process on, day by day. Tellinger's in-depth exposé of the global banking fraud includes the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, the very powerful South African Reserve Bank and other central banks of the world including the Bank of England. This journey has taken him through the halls of the Supreme Court in Johannesburg and the Constitutional Court, indicating clearly by the words of the registrar of the court that, "our courts do not dispense justice, they uphold the law" no matter how crooked the law may be. While the courtroom dramas were largely ignored by mainstream media, it attracted the attention of millions of people around the world, leading to the birth of the global UBUNTU Movement which has members in over 215 countries.
Pages: 360 Size: 215x140mm Illustrations:   More from this PublisherZulu Planet Publishers
Published: February  2015 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Western philosophy, from c 1900 - : Conspiracy theories : Central government policies : Political economy : Business & management
List Price: 19.00 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 1920153098 : 9781920153090
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Work Wonders   Author: Tom Lonsdale  
If dogs could talk what would they say is the best diet to keep them in tiptop condition? Would they recommend a selection of cans and packets or would they recommend a fresh rabbit and half a chicken? In this book, Dr Tom Lonsdale inspires us to see a dog's dietary needs from a dog's perspective taking account of Nature's teachings, easily understood science and sound common sense. Eight easy-to-read chapters lead us through the practical essentials of dog feeding including how to source, store and prepare raw food. Risk management is dealt with in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6 we learn about the junk-food induced diseases afflicting modern pets and in Chapter 7 the epidemic of canine oral disease and 'dog breath' is explained. The first seven chapters of "Work Wonders" empower readers to transform their dogs' health. Chapter 8 tells of ways to make the world a better place for dogs and humans too. For your dog's sake, read this book. You dog will be forever grateful.
Pages: 120 Size: 140x215mm Illustrations: b/w illus  More from this PublisherRivetco P/L
Published: September  2005 Format: Paperback
Subjects: Dogs as pets
List Price: 7.50 Pounds Sterling   ISBN10-13: 0975717405 : 9780975717400
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