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Top 5 Academic Bestsellers

Hocken - Prince of Collectors

Donald Kerr

Dr. Thomas Morland Hocken (1836--1910) arrived in Dunedin in 1862 at the age of 26. Throughout his busy life as a medical practitioner he amassed books, manuscripts, sketches, maps, and photographs of early New Zealand. Much of his initial collecting focused on the early discovery narratives of James Cook, the writings of Rev. Samuel Marsden and his contemporaries, Edward Gibbon Wakefield and the New Zealand Company, and Maori, especially in the south. He gifted his collection to the University of Otago in 1910. In this magnificent piece of research, Donald Kerr examines Hocken's collecting activities and his vital contribution to preserving the history of New Zealand's early postcontact period.

Format: Hardback     Pages: 424     ISBN: 9781877578663     Price: £32.00     Publisher: Otago University Press

Popular Receptions of Archaeology - Fictional and Factual Texts in 19th and Early 20th Century Britains

Susanne Duesterberg

Popular archaeology is a heterogeneous phenomenon: Focusing on the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, Egyptian mummies, and the ruin complex Great Zimbabwe in fictional and factual texts, Susanne Duesterberg analyses the popular reception of archaeology in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. She offers an interdisciplinary and comparative view on the reception of the different archaeologies, reflecting contemporary sociocultural concerns in connection with identity formation. With its focus on popular culture as well as identity and memory studies, the book appeals to both a general public and experts from various disciplines.

Format: Paperback      Pages: 572     ISBN: 9783837628104     Price: £45.99     Publisher: Transcript Verlag

Ethics in Climate Change - Choosing the Future

Paul Babie

The immediate challenge of COVID-19 in 2020 and beyond notwithstanding, there can be little doubt that climate change poses the most significant threat to the ongoing survival of humankind. It seems that almost every day brings new evidence of this fact. The Australian summer of 2019-2020, to draw upon but one example, witnessed a terrible trifecta of heatwaves, drought and bushfires, made worse by climate change. This volume of essays seeks this path of pragmatism, incrementally searching out a new moral order, a new way of living collectively that recognises the risks, and responds to them in humility. In five contributions, we seek an outline of what is necessary if we are to change the way we live. Each of the contributors takes a plural and pragmatic approach. There are no sweeping claims about our solutions providing the ultimate panacea. Instead, in each case, humility informs the proposal -- clear that what is presented here is done so not as a panacea, but as an incremental offering of what might be tried as we, humanity, respond to the challenge of climate change. None of science or the social sciences and humanities, alone, can fix this problem. Indeed, it may not be possible to fix this problem. What each discipline can do, however, is offer, in humility, a suggestion that will make a small change to be added to many other small changes. The hope, of course, is that these incremental changes will produce a new way of living on this planet, one characterised by humility, pluralism, and pragmatism.

Format: Hardback     Pages: 200      ISBN: 9781922582331     Price: £26.99     Publisher: ATF Press

The Road to Anarchy - The CNT under the Spanish Second Republic (1931-1936)

Ángel Herrerín

The Road to Anarchy is the result of an exhaustive investigation into the anarcho-syndicalist Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) during the democratic years of the Second Republic. By analysing the course of the CNT in terms of its role in the labour conflict and the internal life and approach of the organisation (its ideology, its practice, its internal conflicts, the role of the individual and the weight of history) this book dismantles the long-held view that the CNT orchestrated three insurrections against the Republic. Key is analysis not only of the violence of the anarchists, but also that of the state. Two crucial themes emerge: the political struggle within the organisation, and its involvement in the revolution of October 1934 and in the events of the spring of 1936. Ángel Herrerín investigates the controversial relations of the anarchists with other political formations, such as the republicans, the socialists, Communists and Catalans, with whom the anarchists fought on the republican side during the Civil War. Special attention is paid to the crucial relationship with the socialist trade unions, the Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT), as this evolved from one of competition for trade-union dominance to the acceptance of anarcho-syndicalist practices by the socialists and collaboration between the two organisations. The book is based on wide-ranging archival research, including the Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, the National Historical Archive in Spain, the Foreign Office Archives in France and other national archives related to the repression of the CNT, such as those of the Army and Civil Guard in Spain. The study of the CNT in this timeframe is long overdue; the last similar study was undertaken by the US Democratic Congressman John Brademas in the 1950s, a renowned scholar of Spain's social revolution.

Format: Paperback     Pages: 400     ISBN: 9781789761474     Price: £34.95     Publisher: Sussex Academic Press

Mapping the Unmappable? - Cartographic Explorations with Indigenous Peoples in Africa

Ute Dieckmann

How can we map differing perceptions of the living environment? Mapping the Unmappable? explores the potential of cartography to communicate the relations of Africa's indigenous peoples with other human and non-human actors within their environments. These relations transcend Western dichotomies such as culture-nature, human-animal, natural-supernatural. The volume brings two strands of research - cartography and "relational" anthropology - into a closer dialogue. It provides case studies in Africa as well as lessons to be learned from other continents (e.g. North America, Asia and Australia). The contributors create a deepened understanding of indigenous ontologies for a further decolonization of maps, and thus advance current debates in the social sciences.

Format: Paperback     Pages: 346      ISBN: 9783837652413     Price: £40.99     Publisher: Transcript Verlag