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About Us

About Us

Gazelle Book Services is a book distribution company that offers publishers the opportunity to increase their sales in the UK and throughout Europe. From all around the globe, our existing publishers testify that the Gazelle approach works - giving their titles a constant focus thanks to our distribution model and our network of European agents and UK sales personnel. Our clients comprise of booksellers, wholesalers, museums, shops, online retailers and the general public. We are in essence a ‘One Stop Shop.’ As well as warehousing your books in our secure facility, our marketing team produce subject targeted sales material and apply social media as a tool to promote our publishers’ titles. Our IT department has been continually developing bespoke software solely for the book industry over the years which provides seamless and transparent reporting for all our clients.

Location & History

Gazelle are based in the beautiful city of Lancaster, situated near major rail and road networks. When King Richard the Lionheart was on the throne (but away at the Crusades) his brother John gave the town its first charter in 1193. History has shown Lancaster to be an important centre for trade and industry, and the hilltop overlooking the estuary, now crowned by the famous Castle, was first occupied by a Roman fort to protect important trade routes. In the 18th century, Lancaster was a prosperous port trading with the West Indies, and later an industrial town. In recent times Lancaster is also well-known for its University, founded in 1964 and one of the top Universities in the country with students attending from around the world.

The Start

When Gazelle Book Services Limited was formed in 1987, the Wolters Kluwers Group was the inaugural customer. From those heady days Gazelle have developed a portfolio of world-renowned publishers and customers alike, initially focusing on the trade and academic publishers, primarily in the USA before extended across the globe, including the UK, offering their distribution, marketing and sales services


The Gazelle work ethic is to promote and encourage dialogue with all our publishers and clients. We know the full processes of our book distribution industry, but being accessible is what sets us apart.


Our primary investment focus is on our team, some of whom have been with us for more than a decade. Their knowledge base is extensive, and the client relationships and deep understanding of book distribution that they’ve built up over the years are key parts of Gazelle’s success. We have recently strengthened our marketing, sales and IT departments and will continue to invest in people or systems to enhance our services. The book distribution business is constantly changing and we are well positioned to adapt to these changes

The Future

Continued focus on sourcing personnel that will both compliment and add further value to the Gazelle brand, to actively look to extend our network of sales and to invest in additional channels and new ideas that would benefit us, our publishers and our clients.