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Shipping Information


Gazelle, one of the most experienced book distribution services in Europe, offers a flexible, fast and effective distribution service stretching across UK, Continental Europe, inclusive of the Baltics and Eastern European Countries, Scandinavia, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia. In business since 1988, and located in historic Lancaster, Gazelle is situated on major rail and road networks and less than an hour from Manchester Airport and the Port of Liverpool.

The Company comprises an in-house team of well-motivated people with uncompromising standards and many years experience in sales, marketing, distribution and warehousing. Additionally we have our own team of sales representatives who are well-versed in our publishers' subject areas and the book industry in general. We provide an all-round service that lives up to the high expectations of existing and new publishers, working together to meet the challenges and demands of a changing industry. Gazelle's expertise spans the Academic & Scholarly market along with general Trade book publishing.

Gazelle's Marketing Team systematically promotes all titles including general Trade books, Scientific, Medical and Academic publications spanning some 150 subject areas. Our Marketing Database comprises specialist booksellers, professors, lecturers and University libraries. Our 'Review Programme' elicits coverage in specialist magazines and journals both printed and online. We work directly with online specialist booksellers, and we supply books and catalogues to mainstream and academic conferences. Our highly motivated sales representatives deal with high street chains and special events.



To minimise the shipping cost to our publishers around the world Gazelle has a number of consolidation centres. This reduces the cost of Shipping to Gazelle as publishers then only pay the cost of shipping to the nearest centre. The consolidation centres are:

Shipping Labels

Germany (Heek)

EBF New Jersey


India (Mumbai)

India (New Delhi)

South Africa (Johannesburg)

Australia BSI

New Zealand BSI