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Shipping Information for Publishers

Distribution & Warehousing

Gazelle, one of the most experienced book distribution services in Europe and offers a flexible, fast and effective distribution service stretching across UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, inclusive of the Baltics, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East, Central and Southern Africa, and Asia.

In business since 1988, and located in historic Lancaster, Gazelle is situated on major rail and road networks and less than an hour from Manchester Airport and the Port of Liverpool.

Freight Consolidation

For publishers using our 'all-in-one' service, we offer free of charge the use of our freight forwarding service. To minimise the shipping cost to our publishers around the world Gazelle has a number of consolidation centres. This reduces the cost of Shipping to Gazelle as publishers then only pay the cost of shipping to the nearest centre.

The consolidation centres are:

Please attach our Shipping Labels when sending deliveries to us.