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April Book of the Month: On The Edge

April Book of the Month: On The Edge

This is an image of a book cover. It reads Part One, On The Edge. Turning Point Berlin. It pictures military planes used in the cold war. The book cover is black and white with a bold yellow title and sub text in black.

When the first chapter begins with an image of the first atomic explosion code-named Trinity, you know you're in for an interesting read - And that's exactly what you will get with this book! An insightful read that leaves you wanting to grab the next part in the series.

Our April Book of the Month is Part One of an incredible 4-Part series about the Cold War and the role of the U.S. Air Force during various crises. Cees Steijer highlights how some events nearly led the world to the brink of a third world war. During the Cold War, humanity lived 'On the Edge' of collapse, only narrowly escaping the apocalypse a few times.

Cees Steijer has written numerous articles about the American air forces in Europe during World War II and wrote the book Crazy Horse about B-17G 42-30280 of the 482nd Bombardment Group during Operation Argument.

On the Edge covers some insightful themes, such as the emergence of the Soviet Threat: The rise of the Soviet Union as America's primary threat after World War II is crucial for understanding the geopolitical dynamics of the post-war era.

It also looks at the development of Nuclear War Plans and the Inadequacy of the U.S. Atomic Stockpile. Cees Steijer ensures we understand the challenges faced by the United States in confronting the Soviet Threat during the Cold War era. 

An image can tell a thousand words, and Cees Steijer ensured we got every word. Each page in this book has at the very least one detailed image of history relating to the story being told. 

The author vividly depicts the circumstances and developments that fuelled growing suspicion between former World War II allies in six chapters. As the Soviet Union maintained its military presence in Europe and tightened its grip on Eastern European nations behind the Iron Curtain, Western apprehension of communism escalated. America’s most formidable asset, the atomic weapon, formed the cornerstone of its war strategies.

In 1948, when the Soviet Union took a belligerent stance to protect its interests in Berlin and East Germany, tensions reached a boiling point, teetering on the brink of another global conflict. This period also marked the inception of the Cold War, during which the U.S. Air Force would assume a pivotal role.

This book is truly perfect for Aviation or Military Enthusiasts alike. It will leave readers with a profound appreciation for the complexities of the Cold War era like no other Series.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the gripping story of the Cold War's most critical moments. Order your own copy today!

Paperback | £31.99 | 9789090376264
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