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The Bookworm's Guide: April Must-Reads

The Bookworm's Guide: April Must-Reads

Discover Hidden Gems this April

One of the best parts of browsing through a bookstore is stumbling upon a hidden gem that you would never have found otherwise. These blog posts should hopefully give you a little insight to what you can find here at Gazelle Book Services.

This April we're bringing you some fabulous titles ranging from stitching guidebooks to brand-new kid's books! There is something to suit everyone this Spring.


Adventure Travel Twins £8.99

Follow Millie, Marcus and Jasper the dog as they set off on a whirlwind adventure to England. Transported through their magical globe, the Adventure Travel Twins share exciting and educational facts guaranteed to spark imagination. 

It also includes a 'find me if you can' game and a glossary that helped to teach younger readers the meaning of new words.


On the Bright Side Coloring Book £15.99

Relax, unwind, and focus on the positive side of life with this deluxe colouring book from popular pattern design Elyse Burns (of Elyse Breanne Design).

Inside you will find 60 original colouring patterns filled with beautiful florals and uplifting sentiments. Each pattern is perforated for easy tear-out and printed on high-quality art paper so that you can use markers and gel pens without the risk of colour bleeding through to the opposite side.

Whether you are new to colouring or just want to take your art to the next level, you'll find the tips you need to make beautiful art in this book. Make time for yourself, engage in a creative activity, and focus on the bright side with this giftable colouring book for adults!


Secret Places £36.99

The world has lost much of its exotic quality, thanks to media overload, but there are still plenty of marvellous travel destinations to be discovered.

This book does the legwork for you by offering insider tips to places away from the madding tourist crowds.

Join us on an exciting journey of discovery: to the Stone Age on the Vega Archipelago, on a cart through Bagan, or on a hike in the Hajar Mountains. Experience natural wonders such as the Chocolate Hills on the Philippine island of Bohol or the dramatic cliffs on Kauai. Marvel at the architectural wonder of the Sun Miracle at Abu Simbel or imagine yourself simply relaxing in paradise on the South Sea island of Samoa. In the inspiring photographs and helpful suggestions, you'll find a surprising source of ideas for your next unique excursion.


Any Trout About? £8.50

"A book that highlights the true delights of the riverbank, all the wildlife that share this habitat and the beauty of trout in a wild setting; beautifully illustrated. A real feel-good book and celebration of the countryside" -- The Wild Trout Trust 

Every weekend Charlie and Dad watch excited families feeding the trout in the town stream. Today, it's Charlie's turn... but why are there no trout about?! 

Charlie and Dad embark on a riverside adventure to search for the elusive trout in the wild - and meet lots of animal friends along the way!


On the Edge £31.99

During the post-war era, the Soviet Union emerged as America’s main threat, overpowering the U.S. Army and Navy. With fears of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, the U.S. devised war plans centred on massive nuclear retaliation.

Plans like Pincher and Broiler outlined strategies of atomic bombing to weaken the Soviet Union and possibly induce surrender. However, due to limited atomic stockpiles and the Strategic Air Command's reliance on B-29s, these plans remained theoretical. Soviet awareness of American weaknesses led to tensions, culminating in the Berlin blockade of 1948.

Cees Steijger delves into the circumstances that almost led to a third world war, highlighting the precariousness of the Cold War era.


All Our Loving The Beatles £24.99

"All Our Loving – A People's History of The Beatles" transports readers to 1950s Liverpool, following John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr on their path to fame.

From their first meeting in 1957 to their final concert in 1966, The Beatles captivated the world in less than a decade. With almost 500 memories of fans' concert experiences, this book captures the essence of Beatlemania and the vibrant spirit of the 1960s.


Beyond the Greek Salad £18.99

Discover culinary delights beyond the Greek Salad in this follow-up to Ruth's award-winning title, "Hellenic Kanella: Memories Made in a Greek Kitchen."

With over 90 recipes, including many gluten-free options, Ruth explores the diverse cuisines of Greece. Divided by region, each chapter provides a glimpse into the local produce and history, accompanied by stunning photography.

From the Ionian Islands to Central Greece, tantalize your taste buds with dishes like bougatsa, makaronopita, kalitsounia, and halva farsalon. Embark on a culinary journey through Greece's rich gastronomic landscape with Ruth as your guide.




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