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The Bookworms Guide: May Edition

The Bookworms Guide: May Edition

This month we want to showcase some of our favourite new releases coming to our website this month!

We've got a brilliant range of titles from Fiction and Economics, to Arts & Crafts... this blog will give you an insight into some of the titles we distribute here at Gazelle.



The Silver Beatles: A Story of Struggle, Luck and Genius £29.95

The Beatles began in the mid-1950s as the Silver Beatles with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Pete Best. They became The Beatles in 1960, playing in Liverpool and Hamburg. Manager Brian Epstein secured their EMI contract. As we mark the 60th anniversary of "Love Me Do," their journey is celebrated with the release of their final song "Now And Then" and a new documentary.


The Lamplighter £15.99

In a quaint 19th century whaling village, a young woman seeks to expose the dark truth behind the village’s eerie disappearances at the risk of the lives of everyone she loves . . . assuming anyone will listen to a female in the first place.


Managing your Money: Personal Finance for Kids £13.99

Help your child begin their personal finance journey! Using comic panels, math problems, and writing prompts your child will learn how to earn, spend, save, and credit!


Artificial Wisdom (Paperback) £9.99

In this gripping murder mystery set in a vividly realized future, readers confront the climate crisis, AI, and the cost of salvation. Fans of Blake Crouch and Philip K. Dick will be enthralled.


The Economy 2.0: Microeconomics £61.99

The Economy 2.0 equips students to tackle today's issues with contemporary economic tools. It addresses inequality and social problems, introduces key economic concepts, and motivates learning with real-world applications.


Weaving Papers £19.99

Upcycle newspapers, advertising flyers, brochures, and other waste paper into decorative and functional baskets, cushions, organizers, and more.


Land Healing £18.99

This guide for neopagans and Earth-based practitioners offers tools for land healing through gardening, permaculture, rituals, and energetic techniques. Learn deep listening, spiritual self-care, and how to create an earth healer's crane bag to address environmental challenges.


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