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Title: A Companion to Familia Romana
Sub-title: Based on Hans ørberg’s Latine Disco, with Vocabulary and Grammar
Series: Lingua Latina
By (author): Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. ørberg
ISBN10-13: 158510809X : 9781585108091
Format: Paperback
Size: 254x177.8mm
Pages: 432
Weight: .758 Kg.
Published: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. - June   2016
List Price: 28.99 Pounds Sterling
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Subjects: Language teaching & learning material & coursework : Latin
This volume is the completely reset Second Edition of Jeanne Marie Neumann's A College Companion (Focus, 2008). It offers a running exposition, in English, of the Latin grammar covered in Hans H. ørberg's Familia Romana , and includes the complete text of the ørberg ancillaries Grammatica Latina and Latin--English Vocabulary . It also serves as a substitute for ørberg's Latine Disco , on which it is based. As it includes no exercises, however, it is not a substitute for the ørberg ancillary Exercitia Latina I . Though designed especially for those approaching Familia Romana at an accelerated pace, this volume will be useful to anyone seeking an explicit layout of Familia Romana 's inductively-presented grammar. In addition to many revisions of the text, the Second Edition also includes new units on cultural context, tied to the narrative content of the chapter.
Hans Henning ørberg (1920--2010) received his MA in English, French, and Latin from the University of Copenhagen in 1946. He taught at various Danish high schools until 1963 and at the Grenaa Gymnasium until 1988. From 1953 to 1961 he served on the staff of the Nature Method Institute, Copenhagen. He is the author of the Latin course "Lingua Latina secundum naturae rationem explicata" (1955--56); the course was revised in 1990--91, with a number of supplements, under the title "Lingua Latina per se illustrata." His books were published by Domus Latina, a publishing house he founded in Denmark, and are distributed in the English speaking world by Focus Publishing.
A synthesis of language teaching research and teaching experience, Jeanne Marie Neumann's A Companion to 'Familia Romana': Second Edition is an extremely valuable ancillary for teachers and students who use the volume Familia Romana: Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata by Hans ørberg. "The Companion cleverly reworks and is presumably intended to replace (at least in English-speaking territories) the original three volumes written by ørberg: Latina Disco , Grammatica Latina and Latin-English Vocabulary I . Following the approach already adopted by ørberg, Neumann recommends undertaking the study of the Companion only after careful reading of the corresponding units in Familia Romana and the Latin Grammar sections therein. On this approach, the deepening of a student's metalinguistic understanding is postponed until (although not in reality subordinated to) the acquisition of morphology, syntax, and vocabulary, since the grammatical explanations function as an additional aid to understanding already simultaneously encountered (and thus partially assimilated) rules in the course of undertaking the Latin readings. Each chapter is accompanied by a major cultural and historical excursus (Studia Romana), absent in the first edition of the Companion and always connected with the content of individual chapters. The presence of a list of words with English translation at the end of each section, absent in the original Latin volume, proves successful and effective because it allows one to determine with certainty not only the primary meaning of a word but also the exact meaning with which it is used in various contexts. "The big innovation in this second edition is the inclusion of expository units on Roman civilization. These sections, always written in a lively and engaging style, significantly enrich the ørberg course, making it better serve the needs of those students of the Latin language who also wish to gain familiarity with Roman culture and civilization. "The new edition of the Companion will certainly help rekindle the debate not only on the direct teaching of the Latin language but also on the need for renewal in the teaching of ancient languages. Indeed, thanks to its structure and rigor, Neumann's work does everything necessary to adapt to present-day needs a text which, although it was conceived over fifty years ago, is still a very solid and valuable tool for starting the reading of classics." -- Giuseppe Marcellino, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
" Familia Romana and A Companion to Familia Romana came as a complete revelation. I'd heard they were unique, but they are literally nothing less than a work of genius. They would completely revolutionize the classroom, and I would urge all teachers of first-year Latin at universities and all high school teachers to seriously consider adopting this radical approach to learning Latin. The companion volume provides all the traditional exposure you would want, but the main volume shows every prospect of genuinely internalizing Latin in the learner's brain as a living language, calling on a whole set of language-acquisition skills and instincts normally neglected in the teaching of a dead language. Mind-blowing." —Jack Mitchell, Department of Classics, Dalhousie University
"For anyone committed to learning or teaching active Latin, Hans H. ørberg's Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata is a singularly rich approach. But inductive language acquisition in a traditional school setting offers a set of challenges in response to which Jeanne M. Neumann's Lingua Latina: A Companion to Familia Romana has become the sine qua non. The Companion is designed as an aid for those learning Latin at the university levels, independent learners, and instructors at all levels. This Second Edition adds minor changes to the text of the first edition and new, multi-faceted culture sections in each chapter, called Studia Romana. As a bridge between the inductive method and deductive rules and paradigms, this new edition of the Companion has become a singular essential resource. Much more than a meticulously crafted and effective complement to the ørberg method and texts, the Companion offers the most essential element of natural Latin language acquisition: lucid explanations of the unambiguous beauty of Latin's grammar and style." —Cynthia White, University of Arizona, in The Classical Outlook
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