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Bookseller Services

Gazelle has invested in Batch, enabling booksellers to make easy payments to Gazelle, as well as simplifying accounts and reducing bank charges. This system is free to booksellers.

Booksellers can see invoices on the Batch system before deliveries arrive and enjoy advance notification of which books are on their way. Booksellers also save bank fees because they pay Batch a single monthly payment. Batch then settles all invoices from the booksellers’ suppliers. This is especially important for our European customers.

Batch provides Gazelle with complete visibility of our business relationships with booksellers who use this service. We receive detailed remittances that list individual invoices so money allocation is not a problem. If customers wish to return books, the Batch Returns system provides an efficient way of submitting requests.

Today the system is used by independent bookshops and retail chains, such as WH Smith and Waterstones, as well as all the major UK publishers and distributors.

Gazelle is affiliated to Pubeasy, an online ordering system for booksellers designed and operated by Nielsen. Thousands of booksellers from over 110 countries use this system, which is the new standard in e-commerce for the global bookselling industry.

Pubeasy provides:

• Up-to-the-minute information on title, price, and stock availability.

• Order placement and confirmation even when customer service departments are closed.

• Order status inquiry capabilities, for all orders and back orders.

• High-volume inquiries and ordering with /TRANSACT, including POS system compatibility.

• Searchable E-Catalogues of title information.

• Access to a network of publisher, distributor, and wholesaler Affiliate websites.