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    Title: An Attacking Repertoire for White with 1.d4
    Sub-title: Ambitious Ideas and Powerful Weapons
    By (author): Viktor Moskalenko
    ISBN10-13: 9056918303 : 9789056918309
    Viktor Moskalenko is one of the leading chess instructors of our time. Not only has he coached Masters and Grandmasters, including Ukrainian star Vassily Ivanchuk, he has also taught hundreds of classes for amateurs and his best-selling books have inspired thousands of ambitious club players all over the world. Moskalenko’s previous and highly popular chess opening books were mainly written for the Black pieces. Now he presents an extremely powerful set of lines for White. The guiding principle of his 1.d4 repertoire is: be bold and put pressure on your opponent as early as possible. Moskalenko does not shower you with long computer-generated variations but has a keen eye for the essence of positions. His talent to find new resources in well-known lines results in a host of novelties, daring recommendations and cunning tricks. When you play his lines and follow his recommendations you will frequently surprise your opponent and build up positions full of swing. Studying An Attacking Repertoire for White with 1.d4 is a delight because this is a typical Moskalenko book: practical, accessible, original, entertaining and inspiring. Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer. The former Ukrainian champion’s recent books include The Even More Flexible French, The Wonderful Winawer, Training with Moska and The Fabulous Budapest Gambit.
    Pages: 368  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - August   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 26.95 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 1 of: 17
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    Title: Beyond Material
    Sub-title: Ignore the Face Value of Your Pieces and Discover the Importance of Time, Space and Psychology in Chess
    By (author): Davorin Kuljasevic
    ISBN10-13: 9056918605 : 9789056918606
    Improve your ability to take calculated risks! In order to win a game of chess you very often have to sacrifice material. Gathering the courage to do so while accurately assessing the potential benefits is a real challenge. The big question is always: what’s my compensation? Generations of chess players grew up with the idea that a sacrifice was correct if the material was swiftly returned, with interest. Almost by reflex, they spent lots of time counting, quantifying the static value of their pieces. But is that really the best way to determine the correctness of a sacrifice? In this book, Grandmaster Davorin Kuljasevic teaches you how to look beyond the material balance when you evaluate positions. With loads of instructive examples he shows how the actual value of your pieces fluctuates during the game, depending on many non-material factors. Some of those factors are space-related, such as mobility, harmony, outposts, structures, files and diagonals. Other factors are related to time, and to the way the moves unfold: tempo, initiative, a threat, an attack. Modern chess players need to be able to suppress their need for immediate gratification. In order to gain the upper hand you often have to live with uncertain compensation. With many fascinating examples, Kuljasevic teaches you the essential skill of taking calculated risks. After studying Beyond Material, winning games by sacrificing material will become second nature to you.
    About The Author:
    Davorin Kuljasevic is an International Grandmaster born in Croatia. He graduated from Texas Tech University and played in USCL 2007 and 2008 for Dallas Destiny, the team that became US champion in both these years. He is an experienced coach and a winner of many tournaments.
    “A fascinating effort that deserves a wide audience. One of the best books I have read this year.” – International Master John Donaldson
    “This book will take intermediate players to a new dimension of chess understanding and practical performance. As you read Beyond Material it feels as if Kuljasevic was next to you as a coach. The examples in the book are not geared to impress you, but to help you to become a better chess player.” – Miguel Ararat, Gainesville Chess Training
    Pages: 272  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - October   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 19.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 54
    Title: 2 of: 17
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    Title: Forcing Chess Moves
    Sub-title: The Key to Better Calculation
    Edition Statement: New & Extended 4th Edition
    By (author): Charles Hertan
    ISBN10-13: 9056918567 : 9789056918569
    Why is it that the human brain so often refuses to consider winning chess tactics? Every chess fan marvels at the wonderful combinations with which famous masters win their games. How do they find those fantastic moves? Do they have special vision? And why do computers outwit us tactically? Forcing Chess Moves proposes a revolutionary method for finding winning moves. Charles Hertan has made an astonishing discovery: the failure to consider key moves is often due to human bias. Your brain tends to disregard many winning moves because they are counter-intuitive or look unnatural. It’s a fact of life: computers outdo us humans when it comes to tactical vision and brute force calculation. So why not learn from them? Charles Hertan’s radically different approach is: use COMPUTER EYES and always look for the most forcing move first. By studying forcing sequences according to Hertan’s method you will: Develop analytical precision; Improve your tactical vision; Overcome human bias and staleness; Enjoy the calculation of difficult positions; Win more games by recognizing moves that matter. This New and Extended Fourth Edition of Hertan’s award-winning modern classic includes 50 extra pages with new and instructive combinations. There is a foreword by three-time US chess champion Joel Benjamin, and a special foreword to this new edition by Swedish Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson. Charles Hertan is a FIDE master from Massachusetts with several decades of experience as a chess coach. He is the author of the bestselling Power Chess for Kids series.
    Pages: 336  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - August   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 25.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 11
    Title: 3 of: 17
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    Title: Game Changer
    Sub-title: AlphaZero's Groundbreaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI
    By (author): Matthew Sadler, Natasha Regan Foreword by: Garry Kasparov, Demis Hassabis
    ISBN10-13: 9056918184 : 9789056918187
    It took AlphaZero only a few hours of self-learning to become the chess player that shocked the world. The artificial intelligence system AlphaZero had been fed nothing but the rules of the Royal Game when it beat the world’s strongest chess engine in a prolonged match. The selection of ten games published in December 2017 created a worldwide sensation: how was it possible to play in such a brilliant and risky style and not lose a single game against an opponent of superhuman strength? For Game Changer, Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan investigated more than two thousand previously unpublished games by AlphaZero. They also had unparalleled access to its team of developers at DeepMind and were offered a unique look ‘under the bonnet’ to grasp the depth and breadth of AlphaZero’s search. Sadler and Regan reveal its thinking process and tell the story of the human motivation and the techniques that created AlphaZero. Game Changer also presents a collection of lucidly explained chess games of astonishing quality. Both professionals and club players will improve their game by studying AlphaZero’s stunning discoveries in every field that matters: opening preparation, piece mobility, initiative, attacking techniques, long-term sacrifices and much more. The story of AlphaZero has a wider impact. Game Changer offers intriguing insights into the opportunities and horizons of Artificial Intelligence. Not just in solving games, but in providing solutions for a wide variety of challenges in society. With a Foreword by former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and an Introduction by DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.
    About The Author:
    Matthew Sadler is a Grandmaster who twice won the British Championship and was awarded an individual Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympiad. Natasha Regan is a Women’s International Master from England who achieved a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan won the English Chess Federation 2016 Book of the Year Award for their book Chess for Life.
    Natasha Regan is a Women’s International Master from England who achieved a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan won the English Chess Federation 2016 Book of the Year Award for their book Chess for Life.
    Demis Hassabis (1976) is co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, the world’s leading AI research organisation which developed ‘AlphaGo’, the first program to master Go. A child chess prodigy, he is also a renowned computer scientist, neuroscientist and videogame designer.
    “Chess has been shaken to its roots by AlphaZero, but this is only a tiny example of what is to come. Hidebound disciplines like education and medicine will also be shaken.” -- Garry Kasparov
    BBC Focus magazine, January 2019, carries an excerpt from new book Game Changer. It’s an excerpt from the Introduction by Demis Hassabis, founder of artificial intelligence company DeepMind, the devlopers of AlphaZero - the technology which is the subject of Game Changer. The article points out why this technology is important in a much wider arena than the world of chess!

    Read the Full Article Here!

    “Most unnerving was that AlphaZero seemed to express insight. It played like no computer ever has, intuitively and beautifully, with a romantic, attacking style.” -- Steven Strogatz, professor of mathematics at Cornell, New York Times
    “Quite inspirational. I was thinking at several points during the game [in Round 11 of the 2019 Tata Steel Chess Tournament]: how would AlphaZero have approached this?” – World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen
    “I love Game Changer. This is a phenomenal book.” -- International Master John Bartholomew, on his YouTube Channel
    “One of the most important chess books ever written.” -- Grandmaster Raymond Keene, The Spectator
    “I absolutely love it. A fascinating read: provocative, inspiring, instructive and joyful. AlphaZero’s style is great fun, some of the things it is doing are incredible. This is just a great book.” – Grandmaster Daniel King, on his YouTube channel
    Pages: 416  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - January   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Artificial intelligence : Chess
    List Price: 19.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 202
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    Title: Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White
    Sub-title: A Complete, Sound and User-friendly Chess Opening Repertoire
    By (author): Larry Kaufman
    ISBN10-13: 9056918621 : 9789056918620
    Seven years after his acclaimed and bestselling The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White, Grandmaster Larry Kaufman is back with his new repertoire book, covering the entire scope of chess openings for both White and Black, in one volume. Two important developments made this new book necessary. Larry Kaufman, who himself routinely plays the lines he advocates to others, discovered that after 1.d4 (the recommendation in his previous book) it became nearly impossible to show a consistent advantage for White, especially against the Grünfeld and Nimzo/Ragozin defenses. The other factor was that chess engines have become so much stronger. Larry Kaufman presents a completely new White repertoire with 1.e4 aiming for an objective advantage in the simplest practical manner. You are presented with two options, while you don’t have to play the sharpest lines. The Black repertoire has been thoroughly revised and updated, and three new chapters have been added. Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White is the first opening book that is primarily based on Monte Carlo search. The highly original analysis has resulted in loads of improvements on existing theory. This is a lucidly explained, ready-to-go and easy-to-digest repertoire with sound, practical lines that do not outdate rapidly and are suitable for masters while perfectly accessible for amateurs.
    About The Author:
    Larry Kaufman is an American Grandmaster. He has been involved in computer chess since 1967, when he worked on ‘MacHack’, the first computer that competed in tournaments with human players. More recently he has been working on the programs Rybka and Komodo.
    “Kaufman isn't fobbing the public off with Mickey Mouse sidelines. He keeps things simple, but lucid. The book serves a purpose and does this very well. I have been hunting for something like this for a while. Thanks, Mr. Kaufman, my search is over!” – Grandmaster Glenn Flear, on The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White by Larry Kaufman
    Pages: 464  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - October   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 24.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 61
    Title: 5 of: 17
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    Title: Keep It Simple 1.d4
    Sub-title: A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for White
    By (author): Christof Sielecki
    ISBN10-13: 9056918672 : 9789056918675
    After the success of his award-winning book Keep it Simple 1.e4 International Master Christof Sielecki is back. His new repertoire based on 1.d4 has a similar profile: variations that are straightforward and easy to remember, and require little or no maintenance. Sielecki has created a reliable set of opening lines for chess players of almost all levels. The major objective is to dominate Black from the opening, by simple means. You don’t need to sacrifice anything or memorize long tactical lines. His main concept is for White to play 1.d4, 2.Nf3, 3.g3, 4.Bg2, 5.0-0 and in most cases 6.c4. Sielecki developed this repertoire while working with students who were looking for something that was easy to understand and easy to learn. This new 1.d4 repertoire may be even easier to master than his 1.e4 recommendations, because it is such a coherent system. Sielecki always clearly explains the plans and counterplans and keeps you focussed on what the position requires. Ambitious players rated 1500 or higher will get great value out of studying this extremely accessible book.
    About The Author:
    Christof Sielecki is an International Master from Germany. He has been teaching and training chess for many years, and runs a popular YouTube channel called ChessExplained
    Pages: 432  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - December   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 24.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 42
    Title: 6 of: 17
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    Title: Mental Toughness in Chess
    Sub-title: Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset at the Board
    By (author): Werner Schweitzer
    ISBN10-13: 9056918583 : 9789056918583
    Your performance at the board does not only depend on your pure chess skills. Being a winner also requires a mindset that is able to cope with lots of stress and setbacks during hours of uninterrupted concentration. Just like technical chess skills, mental toughness can be trained. There are simple steps you can take that will help you to better realize your potential. Professional mental coach and chess player Werner Schweitzer has been working with chess teams and individual players for many years. In this book Schweitzer presents practical tips and tools that will help you to improve your mental power during a game. You will learn how to: increase your concentration and stamina; recognize your own strengths and weaknesses; cope with losses as well as victories; increase your self-discipline when studying; handle disturbing thoughts and feelings during a game; boost your self-confidence; avoid underestimating (and overestimating!) your opponent; make better decisions while under pressure and other mental skills. These lessons and simple mental workouts will help players of all levels to unlock the full power of their brain and win more games.
    About The Author:
    Werner Schweitzer graduated as a mental coach at the University of Salzburg, Austria. He knows from experience which mental factors have impact on a chess player’s performance. Schweitzer has been coaching players and teams for many years.
    Pages: 144  Size: 220x145mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - January   2020
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 17.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 58
    Title: 7 of: 17
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    Title: My System & Chess Praxis
    Sub-title: His Landmark Classics in One
    By (author): Aron Nimzowitsch
    ISBN10-13: 9056916599 : 9789056916596
    As a chess player, Aron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935) belonged to the very best. In his peak years the Latvian-born maestro was ranked third in the world behind Capablanca and Alekhine. His greatest successes were first place in Dresden in 1926 (81/2/9, one and a half points ahead of Alekhine) and Carlsbad 1929 (15/21, ahead of Capablanca, Spielmann and Rubinstein). However, Nimzowitsch will first and foremost be remembered as the founder of the Hypermodern movement and the author of the undisputed classics My System and Chess Praxis. In his first book, he expounded his theories of prophylaxis, blockades and much more, while providing ground-breaking insights in pawn-structures. In the sequel Nimzowitsch demonstrated how he had successfully tested his theories in his games. Nimzowitsch’s masterpieces are unique landmarks in the history of chess. Without reading Nimzowitsch your chess education cannot be complete. Perhaps not all of his convictions have stood the test of time, but even today, any chess student will deepen his understanding and broaden his play while enjoying the author s insights and witticisms. Part of the charm of Nimzowitsch’s prose was his idiosyncratic use of the German language, which has carefully been preserved in Robert Sherwood’s new translation. Bonus: Added are the influential essays The Blockade and On the History of the Chess Revolution 1911-1914. This edition gives the reader access to Nimzowitsch’s four major works!
    About The Author:
    Aron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935) was one of the greatest chess players of his day, ranked just behind the fa-mous World Champions Alekhine and Capablanca. However, his reputation as an author is higher still, and he influenced modern chess thinking more than any other author.
    Pages: 576  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - May   2016
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 21.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
    Title: 8 of: 17
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    Title: Side-Stepping Mainline Theory
    Sub-title: Cut Down on Opening Study and Get a Middlegame You Are Familiar With
    By (author): Gerard Welling, Steve Giddins
    ISBN10-13: 9056918699 : 9789056918699
    Spend more study time on what’s really decisive in your games! The average chess player spends too much time on studying opening theory. In his day, World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker argued that improving amateurs should spend about 5% of their study time on openings. These days club players are probably closer to 80%, often focusing on opening lines that are popular among grandmasters. Club players shouldn’t slavishly copy the choices of grandmasters. GMs need to squeeze every drop of advantage from the opening and therefore play highly complex lines that require large amounts of memorization. The main objective for club players should be to emerge from the opening with a reasonable position, from which you can simply play chess and pit your own tactical and positional understanding against that of your opponent. Gerard Welling and Steve Giddins recommend the Old Indian-Hanham Philidor set-up as a basis for both Black and White. They provide ideas and strategies that can be learned in the shortest possible time, require the bare minimum of maintenance and updating, and lead to rock-solid positions that you will know how to handle. By adopting a similar set-up for both colours, with similar plans and techniques, you will further reduce study time. Side-stepping Mainline Theory will help you to focus on what is really decisive in the vast majority of non-grandmaster games: tactics, positional understanding and endgame technique. Gerard Welling is an International Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands. He has contributed to NIC Yearbook and Kaissiber, the freethinker's magazine on non-mainline chess openings. Steve Giddins is a FIDE Master from England, and a highly experienced chess writer and journalist. He compiled and edited The New In Chess Book of Chess Improvement, the bestselling anthology of master classes from New In Chess magazine.
    Pages: 272  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - August   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 20.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 4
    Title: 9 of: 17
    Image not yet available
    Title: Sultan Khan
    Sub-title: The Indian Servant Who Became Chess Champion of the British Empire
    By (author): Daniel King
    ISBN10-13: 9056918745 : 9789056918743
    Sultan Khan arrived in London in 1929. A humble servant from a village in the Punjab, he created a sensation by becoming the British Empire champion. Sultan Khan competed in Europe with the leading chess players of the era. His unorthodox style often stunned his opponents, as Daniel King explains in his examination of the key tournaments in Khan’s career. King has uncovered a wealth of new facts about Khan, as well as dozens of previously unknown games. Now for the first time the full story can be told of how Khan was received in Europe, of his successes in the chess world and his return to obscurity after his departure for India in 1933.
    Pages: 372  Size: 235x170mm 
    PublishedNew In chess - March   2020
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Chess
    List Price: 24.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 18
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