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Critical Kit: Made by Role-Players for Role-Players

Critical Kit: Made by Role-Players for Role-Players

Introducing one of our newest publishers - Critical Kit!

Founded in 2019 by Tim Roberts, Critical Kit is dedicated to creating essential RPG guides and books that enhance your tabletop role-playing experience. Tim, an avid RPG player since the mid-80s and founder of an RPG company, brings his passion and expertise to every project. Critical Kit's offerings include a variety of 5th edition adventures and the successful solo RPG, Be Like a Crow, which garnered acclaim on Kickstarter.

As an award-winning publisher specialising in independent tabletop RPGs, Critical Kit is your go-to source for enriching your gaming sessions with brilliant guides and books to lead the way. 

Critical Kit stands out in the RPG community for its commitment to quality and innovation. Tim Roberts’ extensive experience and passion for RPGs shine through in every product, ensuring that each guide and book is meticulously crafted to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for new adventures, creative outlets, or unique solo gameplay, Critical Kit offers something for every RPG enthusiast.

One of their most successful titles is 'Be Like a Crow'  which boasts a range of expansions tailored to this unique RPG such as ‘Crowthulhu’. This incredible game allows players to explore a world from a crow’s perspective, navigating challenges and uncovering secrets on their terms. It’s a must-try for anyone looking to experience a different kind of RPG adventure.

Continue reading to learn more about their captivating titles!


Be Like a Cat

ISBN: 9781805172444 | Publication Date: 01/01/2024 | £20.00
Be Like a Cat is a solo or two-player role-playing game that invites you to take on the role of a feisty feline exploring one of many worlds and attempting to take control of territory. 


Be Like a Crow

ISBN: 9781800687974 | Publication Date: 01/04/2022 | £12.99
Be Like a Crow is a solo or two-player role-playing game that invites you to take on the role of a corvid, exploring one of many worlds and completing objectives whilst meeting other creatures and collecting weird and wonderful objects.


ISBN: 9781803521732 | Publication Date: 07/09/2022 | £4.99
This expansion for Be Like a Crow contains everything you need to play in a setting loosely based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The book contains all new prompts and a map to inspire your cosmic horror adventures.


ISBN: 9781803525136 | Publication Date: 14/03/2023 | £8.00
Grab three six-sided dice, a notebook and a pen and get ready to build your own personal hell and fill it with devices of torment.

Death Valley

ISBN: 9781803529226 | Publication Date: 29/07/2023 | £5.00
Dive into the world of Death Valley, where you will take on the role of an undead resident of Bardo's Bluff. 


Fistful of Feathers

ISBN: 9781803525990 | Publication Date: 01/03/2023 | £4.99
This wild west expansion for the popular solo role-playing game Be Like a Crow is set in the desperate world of the Rooklands.

Punk is Dead

ISBN: 9781805174028 | Publication Date: 07/07/2024 | £25.00
Punk is Dead is a truly unique role-playing game where you get to attempt to save a dying world and kill bad guys whilst writing and performing killer tunes.


Tales from the Crow’s Nest

ISBN: 9781805177418 | Publication Date: 01/05/2024 | £4.99
In this expansion for the popular solo role-playing game, Be Like A Crow, you take to the seas as a pirate corvid.


What Possessed you?

ISBN: 9781805171843 | Publication Date: 15/10/2023 | £5.00
An RP-heavy role-playing game with just a few rules, a Gmless mode, some character creation and chaotic results. Designed for 2 to players and requires all kinds of dice and some timers.


White Sands

ISBN: 9781803528250 | Publication Date: 20/06/2023 | £12.99
In this rules-lite role-playing game for two or more players, you and a group of your neighbours will join a fledgling activist group known as The Breathless.


With Critical Kit’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of tabletop role-playing, there’s no better time to dive into their offerings and elevate your RPG sessions. Discover the magic of their guides and books, and see for yourself why Critical Kit is a name to watch in the world of RPGs. Happy gaming!

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